What’s In My Bag? – Tropical Vacation

Travel is arguably my biggest passion. I love seeing the world and I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied with what I’ve seen (although I’m so grateful to have seen as much as I have!). For this new series on the blog called “what’s in my bag”, I thought I’d do the second edition on packing for a tropical vacation. I’m heading off to 7 days in Belize, Mexico, and Honduras tomorrow and I’m so excited! Today I’ll show you a few essentials that must be in my carry-on when I’m getting on a plane for a week of R & R. The collage below is shoppable, so just click on the item to get taken to the product link!
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1.) Sunglasses – It goes without saying you should never embark on a vaca, especially a beach vaca, without sunglasses. Make sure you bring a case to hold them so they don’t break during your trip (oh, the horror)! My husband got me these for my birthday and I’m in love! Pick a pair that suits your face and you’ll be set! These are classic and these are worth the splurge.
2.) Jean Shorts – I think of a good pair of distressed denim shorts is the perfect vaca must-have. They’re so easy to throw on for a day at the beach or in town. Paired with a loose, flowy top, and you have the ultimate beach look down. I’m loving this pair. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, these are under $30.
3.) SPF- I hate to admit I’m the girl who was a 16 year old lifeguard who slathered baby oil on herself. Working in the beauty industry has opened my eyes in the best way to sun safety. I love the sun, and am most happy when it’s shining. However, I know that in order to protect myself, I have to use SPF. That’s why I love this product from L’Oreal. It’s an oil, so I still get that glow, but it has SPF as high as 50, so I know I’m protected.
4.) Leather Sandals – I purchased a pair of leather sandals in Greece that I actually am addicted to. They’re so easy to slip on but look so chic. They’re perfect for the beach or a night out. I love this pair from Joie, these lace-up sandals are a steal at under $15, while these jeweled sandals are beyond gorgeous.
5.) Fiji Water – I cannot stress enough the importance of staying hydrated while you’re on vacation. The sun, the cocktails, the late nights. It all contributes to dehydration and exhaustion. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of H20 to avoid sickness and maximize the fun.
6.) Hydrating Hair Product- Just like your body needs water to stay hydrated, your hair needs TLC on vacation, too. Salt water or chlorine water can both dry out your hair. I am obsessed with this Dry Oil product. It provides moisture and shine without looking greasy after a day at the beach. It smells incredible, too. If you’re a beachy wave girl, I swear by this stuff.
7.) Beach Tote- It is absolutely imperative to have a practical yet stylish tote to take to the water with you. I like one that’s a little larger that has space for all my magazines, SPF, hair products, and water. Stripes are classic, but you can find these in any color or print. I am loving this style, but who can say no to pineapples?!
8.) Floppy Hat- Just like protecting your skin with SPF, wearing a hat will also protect your face and hair from the sun. I have gotten many freckles on my face over the years and I now know that I should’ve been smarter when I was younger. Now, not only do large hats look very stylish, but they provide a layer of protection that you need (whether you know it or not). This is another gorgeous option.
I’m going on a little bloggy break during vaca but stay tuned for lots of photos and looks from my trip!

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