Buy Less + Invest More

I read somewhere “I wish I could trade in all my Forever21 tops for a YSL Bag!”. Boy, isn’t that the truth!! Every year on New Years Day (or around that time), I do a massive closet purge. I take everything out, go through each piece, and get rid of things I don’t wear. I swear by that trick of turning your hangers the opposite way so once you’ve worn it, you can turn it around and you immediately have a visual of what you’re wearing and not wearing. Then, after the year has passed, whatever didn’t get worn gets tossed. Especially as a blogger, I am constantly creating new looks. And if a piece doesn’t get incorporated in said looks in 365 whole days, it probably won’t ever again. I am one of those people that gets ridiculously attached to items so this allows me to make no excuses. My new motto for the year is going to be “buy less + invest more”. Don’t get me wrong; I’ll likely still buy the occasional trend piece, but as my style evolves, I want to buy more long-term pieces that I know I’ll wear in the years to come. Another thing I’m committing to? One in, one out. Hopefully this will prevent me from shopping too much! I should really love something if I’m willing to trade it out for another piece in my closet! Below are a few items that are truly investment pieces that I would gladly incorporate into my “new” closet. In fact, I already own these leopard pumps and perfume and highly recommend them!

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