Summer to Fall Transition with WLWT

Last week, I had the huge honor of taping a segment on transitioning your summer wardrobe with WLWT, Channel 5 news! When reporter Kyla Woods reached out to me about filming a segment after coming across my blog, I couldn't believe what I was reading. Before I knew it, we were in my home shooting the segment and I got to showcase my favorite items to transition and how I incorporate layers of different prints and textures to get me through the colder months. I'll provide the link to the actual interview below, but I also wanted to share some photos of the looks I pulled and outline how exactly I'd transition each. We filmed almost 25 minutes of content but the actual aired segment is pretty short. Given that the Pope was here and the new iPhone released, I can understand why ;). Regardless, I was so grateful for this opportunity and had a blast going out of my comfort zone and filming a TV segment. It's amazing where this blogging journey has brought me and I can't wait to see where it takes me next!

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Fall Essentials

LBD – Little Black Dresses are perfect for any season. They go from desk to drinks better than any piece and can be used for any occasion. In the summer, opt for a sleeveless version and then in fall/winter you can throw on a leather jacket or tights for added warmth. Long sleeve versions are great for colder months because there is little to no thought required. Throw on and go!

Leather Jacket – A leather jacket is probably my favorite layering piece for the fall. They come in a ton of shapes, colors, textures, and sizes. They look great over white shirts, plaid shirts, or even thin sweatshirts/sweaters.

White Shirt – A white shirt, whether it be a short sleeve tee or a long sleeve button down, is super classic and can be worn with jeans, leather pants, or skirts. Throw a vest or scarf over it, and you have the perfect transitional piece.

Distressed Denim – You guys know how much I love my ripped jeans. They're perfect for transitioning because the distressing keeps it casual but they're still full-length pants.

Faux Fur Vest – I love fur vests. It's not a piece I always was comfortable with, but over the years I've eased into them and now they are truly a staple in my closet. They come in many styles; whether you want something more sleek or more furry, you'll definitely be able to find what you're comfortable with.

Excursion Vest – Excursion vests are perfect for the more preppy or classic closets. They're super warm and perfect for everything from running errands to tailgating. I have a solid ivory one, a plaid one, and a herringbone one, which all are really versatile.

Booties – Booties are great for transitioning because they aren't as warm as knee-high boots, but they provide more coverage than a heel or a sneaker.

Fun Heel – I'm sure like most women, I have a closet full of heels in different colors, prints, textures, and sizes. A fun heel can be a great pop of something different against a basic look, say distressed denim, a white shirt, and a blanket scarf. I mix and match shoes against the same outfit to give it a different feel.

Sneakers – Sneakers are great for the girl on the go. If you have a long walk to work, a stylish but sporty pair can be your best friend before you swap out for your work heels. I have a few different pairs, and I typically go for Nikes or New Balances. Those, to me, are the cutest styles but also the most functional. Nordstrom has a great selection.

Plaid Shirt – I love plaid shirts as a layering piece. They look great buttoned, unbuttoned, and tied around the waist. It's the easiest piece to take on or off depending on the temperature. I'll wear plaid shirts in the summer with cutoffs, then with jeans and skirts in the fall/winter.

Blanket Scarf – Blanket scarves are my savior in the colder months. They are so warm and come in so many shapes and sizes. I also love stashing one in my carry-on when I'm traveling. It makes a great pillow/blanket on the plane!

I hope this post was helpful in figuring out how to transition your wardrobe! You probably already have many of these pieces in your closet, but I linked some of my favorites if you're still searching! The beauty of these basics is they can all be mixed and matched. You could wear plaid and jeans, LBD and a leather jacket, a white top with a blanket scarf or vest. The options are endless. Thanks for reading and for supporting Nines to 5! xo

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