Friday Finds

Friday Finds

Poison Toffee Apples | 29 Party Snacks That Are Perfect For Halloween:
image via Simply Delicious

I can NOT believe it’s Halloween weekend! One of my best friends from home is coming to visit this weekend and one of my best friends here is having a party so it should be a great weekend! The theme is “famous couples” and Mike and I have a hilarious and appropriate costume planned. Stay tuned or follow me on snapchat (preets09) to see the shenanigans of this weekend!  Check out this week’s links and let me know in the comments what your plans are!

This hat is so darling and under $50. You will wear it all winter long.

These earrings are classic and gorgeous!

If blackwatch plaid and jacquard had a baby, and it was a full skirt, it’d be this beauty.

These booties are what dreams are made of. Navy and fringe? Yes please!

I just ordered this palette and can’t wait for it to arrive! Order now because it will sell out.

This looks awesome.

Not going to lie, I’m tempted.

This drink sounds perfect for this weekend!

Are we instagram friends yet? If not, we should be! [shameless plug]

For all my past and present brides, this is hilarious and so accurate.

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