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16 Week Bumpdate

Suprise! You’re getting a special bonus Wednesday post this weekend because I’m 16 weeks along in my pregnancy! I had my checkup on Monday and baby’s heartbeat sounded great! I thought I’d give you all an update on how I’m feeling since we haven’t checked in since we made the announcement. I stole these bumpdate topics from my pregnant blogger friend Kate, so let’s jump right in!
How far along: 16 weeks exactly.
Name: We’re not going to decide on names until we know gender, which we’ll find out at our next appointment!
What are we most excited about next: At our next appointment we’ll have the gender scan! We’re heading home to Chicago over 4th of July for an early baby shower with my family and friends and will be doing a reveal there! I’m so excited about that weekend.
Movement: To quote Kate exactly, I still am not totally sure I’ve felt any movement. I’ve felt some flutters here and there, so maybe that could be it! I’m definitely looking forward to when I can feel the baby and be certain it’s her/him!
Size: Currently as big as an avocado! 4.6 in and about 3.5oz. My belly seems to be showing more these days so that must mean he/she is growing!
How I’m feeling: Still pretty terrible 🙁 My dr has started me on yet another medicine (Reglan) since the 3 previous options didn’t work. They’re worried I’m still losing weight but baby is ok so that makes me feel better. But I’m still vomiting multiple times a day and haven’t felt my energy come back yet. Praying for a turnaround soon!
Sickness: Ugh, still every day. Some days are better than others, and by that I mean getting sick once versus 5 times.
Cravings: Not too much but I have been loving freeze pops lately. They seem to be the only thing that doesn’t consistently make me feel sick. I have a feeling those will be my lifeline this summer! I’m also loving pickles; I’m such a cliche!
Aversions: Meat. Beef to be specific. I can do chicken sometimes, but sometimes even that grosses me out. Cigarette smoke is a huge no-no. If I even get a whiff of it, I start to gag. I also have to stay away from super acidic/citrusy things, as it seems to aggravate my sickness.
Weight gain: None. In fact, I’ve lost 21 lbs now! Thanks hyperemesis.
Physical changes: Sometimes I look in the mirror and don’t even recognize myself! Blogging has been a great reminder of my weight loss as I look back on older posts and think “wow, you can definitely see a difference from then to now”. My belly is growing every day, but still isn’t hard yet, so some days it looks bigger than others. My chest is still large and swollen, but I’m sure that will only get worse. I use to have very oily skin/hair, and both have dried out significantly.
Nursery:  Like the name, we aren’t going to start deciding on that until we know the gender!
Pregnancy items: Haven’t really bought anything new yet, although I’m going to have to bite the bullet and buy some maternity clothes here soon! Here’s what I shared in our last updatethis pillowthis and this, this onesie, this belly butter, this skin item, and these prenatals.

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