The #NSale Is Here!

image via Burberry

The best day of the year is here! It’s #NSale day! The Nordstrom anniversary sale is special because it’s all about showcasing the upcoming season’s hottest trends and offering you a discount before the season is even upon us! I outlined details about it in this post but it’s my favorite time to stock up on fall favorites like bootscoats, and bags. I wanted to share some of my picks since the sale can be a little overwhelming to navigate. I included the price on the widget, but note that’s full price; so once you click on it, you’ll see how much you can save! I’ll do another post once the sale becomes open to the public, but for all you cardholders, happy shopping! As always, let me know if you have any questions! I will also do another post once my purchases arrive with reviews so you can see what I got my hands on.









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