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Baby Products I Wish I Would’ve Bought Sooner

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend with their loved ones! We had a blast celebrating Dillon’s first Christmas and he got WAY more presents than a 10 lb being should! Seeing all his goodies got me in the mood to share some more things that are go-tos for us. I shared products that we were loving when we brought Dillon home but it’s been a really long time since then so obviously our needs have changed a bit. Today I wanted to share some products that we cannot live without as of late that I was a little trigger-shy on. I held off on these items for one reason or another and I wish I hadn’t! They’ve all become staples in our day-to-day routine so I thought I’d share the wealth (of knowledge I now have)! Do any of you mamas love of any of these items?!

1) Milk Snob Cover – Especially since Dillon is a preemie, we go above and beyond to protect him from germs. Even though he really only goes to the doctors, it’s nice to shield him from the outside world as much as we can. I learned about these covers from Sarah and wish I would’ve had one right off the bat! The best part about them is that they can pull double-duty as a nursing cover if that’s part of your routine, too. They come in a ton of cute prints and I probably should buy a few more.
2.) RockaRoo – This was the product I was probably the most trigger-shy on. We have the rock n’ play, which was a godsend when Dillon first came home. But soon enough, he grew bored of that. I finally caved on the RockaRoo and I’m glad I did. While I didn’t go full out and get the MamaRoo, this does enough with the gliding motion, the brightly colored mobile, and the tunes. Be sure to order the insert too, though, because I could tell he was really uncomfortable without it! He tends to fall asleep in this and stay there for a good bit which helps me get some things done. Because of the incline, it’s also good for his reflux.
3.) DockATot – This is another that I wanted from the get-go but couldn’t justify the price. Once we got a few weeks into it and I realized how needy Dillon was when it came to bedtime, I wanted to give it a go. I’m SO glad I did! This product is truly amazing. He sleeps in this thing literally anywhere. On the couch, in our bed, in his crib. It’s amazing. He also looks super cute all cozy in it! I highly recommend it. If you’re on the fence, trust me you’ll get the use out of it.
4.) Play Mat – This playmat is so soft, cuddly, and cute! I waited on this because I didn’t think he would need it so soon, but it ended up being great for tummy time and gave him something to do during the day. He can swat the toys on the lower end so that keeps him occupied. It matches our living room, too, which is a bonus!
5.) Baby Wearing Wrap – Wow, was this product a game-changer. Earlier on, Dillon was super needy and went through a phase of colic. That made for one tired mama. I literally couldn’t put him down. Especially with his reflux, I was afraid he’d throw up the second he became horizontal. Once I got one of these wraps, I could get stuff done while he was able to stay upright. I’m not too sure why I waited on this, but I shouldn’t have.
6.) Forehead Thermometer – This is one of those things that I was just truly clueless about. I had registered for an ear thermometer, but especially since Dillon is a preemie, his ear canals are just so little! The forehead thermometer is SO easy and noninvasive. It’s definitely a must-have for any household with a new baby. It works on adults, too!

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