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Dillon — 6 month update

I have totally been slacking on the Dillon updates on the blog! Can you believe the last one I did was right when we brought him home!? I’ve shared some family photos here and some products we love here, but I haven’t done a full post on him in way too long. I just cannot believe I have a 6 month old! He turned 6 months on Friday so we just had to dress him up like a leprechaun for St. Patrick’s Day! I took my first positive pregnancy test on March 15th last year, so him turning 6 months on the 17th is extra crazy. I’m going to steal the format for this post from my good friend Kate, who’s (adorable) daughter Harper is exactly one month younger than Dillon! So here goes!

This month’s highs:
His little baby laughs. I swear they make life worth living. Mike is so good at making him laugh and it’s seriously the cutest thing ever. He loves being tickled and smiles so much.

Trying more and more solids. We started with pears and have since tried bananas, apples, sweet potatoes, and carrots! It’s so fun watching him learn to use his mouth and tongue. He smacks his lips and gets so mad if you don’t get another bite in his mouth fast enough. Pretty soon I want to start using his feeder, but for now we’re using these spoons. He’s also started sitting in his high chair for feedings and he looks like such a big boy in it!

He has become the most active little kid! If he is awake, he does not sit still. Whether he’s rolling over left and right, standing in our laps taking little steps, or dancing in his exersaucer, we’ve got a mover and groover on our hands. It’s so funny watching his little hyper self at play!

This month’s lows:
We really started seeing the symptoms of teething. It is so heartbreaking watching him be in pain! We saw his first tooth get real close to cutting which resulted in a few sleepless nights. Baby Tylenol + teething oil were our best friends this last month. I got a lot of questions and screenshots when I shared the teething oil on my snapchat, so I made sure to link it in this post.

His schedule:
I will preface this by saying every baby is different and what works for Dillon may not work for your baby, and that’s ok! We aren’t super rigid with his schedule but we do try to stay in this ballpark.

6:15AM — Dillon wakes up and we change and feed him. We then get ourselves ready for the day.
7:15AM — Dillon goes to daycare. While there, he gets three 6-7 oz bottles and takes 2-3 naps [this kid loves his sleep!].
5:15PM — Dillon comes home from daycare and we usually feed him some food [depending when his last bottle at daycare was] and give him a bath. We then play with him for a bit before he takes his last [short] nap of the day.
7:30PM — Last bottle of the day. Then we take him in his nursery to get him ready for bed. We turn on the sound machine and humidifier and swaddle him up. I’ll then either rock him in the glider or walk around the room for a bit until he falls asleep. Then he’s down for the night usually by 8:15-8:30PM!

Occasionally he’ll wake up around 2-3AM and take a dream feed and then go right to sleep, but that’s rare these days. He’ll then sleep until we wake up at 6AM and do it all over again! We’re really lucky that he loves to eat and sleep. That’s not to say he’s a super active baby when he is awake! Like I mentioned earlier, he scoots all over the place on his mat, rolls over left and right constantly, and loves to jump and dance in his exersaucer.

On weekends, we keep the same schedule except we’re of course giving him his bottles and he’ll take his naps here. His longest nap of the day is usually between noon-3PM. We’re also super lucky that Dillon will sleep anywhere and everywhere, regardless of noise. The few times we’ve taken him out to lunch he’s slept the entire time in his car seat. So we’re not strict on having to be home during nap time, which is good for us!

Currently loving:
Playmat – we use this for tummy time and it has bright colors and different textures, which is great for babies. It’s really big which is great for Dillon because I’ll usually start him in the center of it and by the time we’re done, he’s scooted to all 4 corners and back.
Dog Rattle — he LOVES this thing. In fact, I already know all the songs it sings by heart, haha! He is mesmerized by the lights and it immediately calms him down if he’s fussy. In fact, I’ll hold it while he’s doing tummy time and he’ll start moving toward it.
Halo Sleep Sack — when we brought Dillon home from the NICU, he randomly grew this insane aversion to swaddles. Like, scream bloody murder aversion. But, ever since we took the Dockatot out of his crib (we had used it in there to make the transition easier), we do like to swaddle him since he hasn’t outgrown his moro reflex yet. So, we use a sleep sack every night for bed time! It also helps keeps his legs from getting stuck between the slats now that he rolls in his sleep.
Baby Bjorn — now that we’re [slowly] starting to take Dillon out of the house, we love to use the Baby Bjorn to walk around with him. He loves being able to turn his head side to side to look around. Mike usually wears it and it’s great to get places without having to lug the car seat and stroller. We’ve even taken him on a hike in it!
Mommy’s Bliss Probiotic — we started this a few weeks ago to help his digestive and immune systems and so far, so good! I usually just mix it in with his food that we feed him right after we get home from daycare.

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