Friday Finds

Friday Finds

Friday, we meet again! Happy March! My parents are coming to visit this weekend so Dillon will get a lot of cuddles from his grandparents. I hope the weather is somewhat nice so we can get out and enjoy it. Below is what I’ve been loving lately. Enjoy!


This may be my new favorite brand. One of each, please! I just ordered this jacket and I’m obsessed.

These sneakers are super fun and different and under $80!

Has anyone tried this? I’m so intrigued!


A great read on how to keep friendships fresh that aren’t had in the same zip code.

For all my pregnant or hoping-to-be pregnant-soon readers, Katey did a great job on rounding up her experience.

I’m so honored to be a speaker at the Cincinnati Women in Digital Conference this year! Learn more about it here. Hope to see you there!

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