Friday Finds

Friday Finds

Friday, we meet again! This week was so insanely busy. Both D and I had doctor appointments plus I had both personal and work lunches. On top of that, I had real work to do as well as a ton of errands and chores. Phew. I’m ready for the weekend! We have a few barbecues with friends and family for the holiday so I’m super excited! Let me know what you guys are up to this weekend in the comments. Enjoy!


The Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale is on! I’m loving this, this, and this (all under $50!).

If you have an oily T-Zone like me, this toner will change your skin/makeup routine!

This dress is stunning and would be perfect for any spring/summer weddings!


This post is making me want to venture into essential oils. Do you any of you use them!?

I cried literal tears of laughter at this. If you’re a mom, you should get a good laugh.

This video really makes me want to do the KonMari method.


The best blouse ever for only $40!

The latest installment of my beauty empties.

My latest momiform.

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