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Dillon – 9 Month Update

How is my baby 9 months old?! I've already starting thinking about his 1st birthday party. Yeah, cue the tears. D turned 9 months on the 17th and life has never been sweeter. For any parents who follow Wonder Weeks, D finished his 5th leap and wow, that one was a doozy! But ever since, this boy has been non-stop smiles and laughs and I can't get enough. We had his NICU follow-up and they were so thrilled with his progress! Today I wanted to give you a little update on what's going on in little man's life!

This month’s highs:

  • Dillon's belly laughs. I swear I could listen to them all day long.
  • Trying more and more foods! He's tried every stage 2 and 3 combination from the purees and we're slowly venturing into the world of puffs, yogurt melts, and soft “real” foods like avocado and mashed potatoes! This little due LOVES to eat.
  • Crawling!!! D is officially on the move. It's so funny watch him figure out that he has the ability to move. I can't turn my back on him now or he'll be halfway across the room. Lately he's been loving pull himself up onto Oliver's bed! It is equal parts hilarious and gross. 

This month’s lows:

  • D saw his next illness – a sinus infection. Poor baby has now had 2 ear infections and 1 sinus infection in only 9 months of life. BUT, we are so lucky because he is the happiest babe despite being sick! He just had the sniffles and some coughing/sneezing but it doesn't phase him at all. If the doctor didn't tell us, we probably wouldn't have even known based on his happy demeanor. However, 10 day antibiotic courses are never fun. #daycarelife

His schedule:
I will preface this by saying every baby is different and what works for Dillon may not work for your baby, and that's ok! We aren't super rigid with his schedule but we do try to stay in this ballpark.

6:15AM — Dillon wakes up and we change and feed him a bottle. We then get ourselves ready for the day.
7:15AM — Dillon goes to daycare. While there, he gets two 7 oz bottles, eats breakfast and lunch, and takes 2 [sometimes 3] naps. This kid loves his sleep!
5:15PM — I pick up Dillon and we come home from daycare. We then play for a bit and I feed him dinner and give him a bath. Then it's a little more playing/hanging out. Sometimes we'll take a walk.
7:30-8PM — Last bottle of the day. Then we take him in his nursery to get him ready for bed. We turn on the sound machine and humidifier. Then he's down for the night usually by 8:15-8:30PM!

He'll then sleep until we wake up at 6AM and do it all over again! We're really lucky that he loves to eat and sleep.

On weekends, we keep the same schedule except we're of course giving him his bottles and he'll take his naps here. His longest nap of the day is usually between noon-3PM. We're also super lucky that Dillon will sleep anywhere and everywhere, regardless of noise. So, we're not strict on having to be home during nap time, which is good for us!

Currently loving:
be good Bath Set c/o — I got this sent as PR and we have been loving this for bath time! The smell is absolutely divine and I love that the products are free of all the junk you don't want to put on your babies. D had a bit of a weird time where his skin was a bit bumpy, and once I used this, it went back to normal! If you're expecting, a new mom, or needing to put together a baby shower gift, I definitely recommend this!
Mommy's Bliss Probiotic — Still loving this. I think it really helps his gassy little tummy.
Rompers — Now that the heat is here to stay, I have been loving putting D in rompers. They're so easy, especially if you're out and about, and I know he can stay cool in them. Plus, they're adorable!
Skip Hop Seat Cover – Since I have a big boy on my hands now, little one does NOT want to stay in his car seat when we're out. In fact, we never clip the car seat into the stroller anymore because he always wants to be sitting up and facing out. This cover has been a godsend for when we put him in a shopping cart or a public high chair. It folds up into itself so it's really easy to throw into my diaper bag. I highly recommend this if you have a baby 6m+.
Stacking Ring – This is the most old-school, basic toy but D LOVES it! We take this anywhere where we will be for a good bit of time because he can spend so much time playing with it. He's starting to learn to take them off and put them back on and it's so fun watching everything click in his mind. I'll be honestly though, most of the time the rings and the stick end up in his mouth, ha!
Tommee Tippee bibs c/o – D has always had bad reflux so he spits up a good bit. These bibs have a little ring around the neck to catch spit-up and drool and it's brilliant! They are so soft and look adorable on him too. I wish I would've gotten these from the start because they would've been so perfect when he was a newborn. Now that D drools a ton [teeth may be in the near future], they're helpful for that, too!
Badger Bug Spray & Sunscreen – For the summer, I did a lot of research on what was the best products for D's skin to protect from the sun and bugs. I finally landed on Badger and I am obsessed with these products. I got both the baby sunscreen and anti-bug spray and I highly recommend both.

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