Friday Finds

Friday Finds

Friday, we meet again! Last weekend was super, super busy so we have a more low-key weekend set for this one. The rest of June is absolutely crazy so we’re going to just chill. Hopefully the weather holds up! Let me know what you guys are up to this weekend in the comments. Enjoy!


I just ordered this under $40 OTS dress and plan to live in it this summer!

I’ve been wanting to try a hoop earring, and these are only $8 and seem super light!

I am candle junkie and smelled these in store and fell in LOVE! They are so affordable, too!


A good list of things to toss once you’re cohabitating with your SO.

D will be taking his first flight later this summer so I will be referencing these tips for flying with a baby.

A wish list for fellow Prime junkies.


A chambray dress, palm print tote, and the chance to win $1,000!

More chambray. This time with a white skirt.

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