Friday Finds

Friday Finds

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Happy Friday! Today is my 30th birthday! I’m a little emotional today as last year at this time I was still in the hospital on bed rest awaiting D’s arrival. While my friends were great and came to the hospital with a cake and gifts, it still was a really sad day for me being in there. So, this year, I’m determined to have fun, be grateful, and soak in all the love around me. D came down with HFM last Sunday [which, as you parents will know, is brutal], and we’re happy he’s turned the corner to celebrate this weekend! HFM, albeit annoying, isn’t serious so I can’t help but still feel really grateful for my [otherwise] happy and healthy boys! I have a fun weekend of plans so here’s hoping for a good time to celebrate another trip around the sun and a new decade! My 20s were spent doing a lot of soul-searching, mistake-making, and life-living, and I can truly say I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life and am more than ready to take on my 30s. Thank you all for your continued support and for following along on my little journey!



One of each, please.

Love the cut, color, and price of this coat!

This $35 dress is super adorable and would be great for those end of summer/early fall weddings!



Couldn’t have found a more fitting time to share this list from Jess on things she’s happy she did in her 20s [and I am too]!

Were any of my fellow GoT fans also screaming at the TV last week?! Can’t wait for more!

Ah TJs, I love you.



One of my all-time favorite color combos [and the cutest $24 embroidered top]

A photo diary from our recent trip to Austin [warning: lots of food, clothes, and babies]

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