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Dillon’s One Year Update

I’m trying to comprehend how it is that I’m writing this post. While it’s a few days late, I wanted to wait til we had gone to his one year appointment so I could document all his stats. He currently has two teeth [working on teeth 3 and 4 as we speak], weighs 19 lbs and is 29 inches long! He’s come a long way from 3lbs 2oz and 15 inches! We are transitioning him to whole milk [currently doing half milk, half formula in each bottle] and working on getting better at sippy cups! If you didn’t follow my pregnancy and pre-term labor [read more herehere, and here] I can’t help but think the fact that we’re here is a true miracle. We’ve come so far since his birth and I’m eternally grateful. Today I wanted to give you a little update on what’s going on in little man’s life!

Recent highs:

  • Dillon’s belly laughs. I swear I could listen to them all day long.
  • Walking with his walker! He’s even stood on his own for a second here and there. We’re thinking he’ll be walking really soon!
  • His first flight! We went to Austin in August and he was a complete dream on the plane. He had the best time with his cousins and tasted his first Texas BBQ!
  • Waving bye-bye – This is the CUTEST thing and he’s been doing it for a month or two months now.
  • His birthday party!! It was such an incredible day and I’ll be sharing pictures next week so tune back in for that.

Recent lows:

  • D saw his next illness – Hand/Foot/Mouth. While we’re really lucky his case was pretty mild [his was only really bad for 2 days] it still was a huge pain! He stayed home from daycare for 3 days and we had a trip to Urgent Care for the initial diagnosis.

His schedule:
I will preface this by saying every baby is different and what works for Dillon may not work for your baby, and that’s ok! We aren’t super rigid with his schedule but we do try to stay in this ballpark.

6:15AM — Dillon wakes up and we change and he drinks an 8oz bottle. We then get ourselves ready for the day.
7:15AM — Dillon goes to daycare. While there, he gets one 6oz bottle, eats breakfast and lunch and a snack, and takes 2 naps. His first nap is 45-60 min and his second nap is 90ish minutes.
5PM — I pick up Dillon and we come home from daycare. We then play for a bit and I feed him dinner and give him a bath. Then it’s a little more playing/hanging out. Sometimes we’ll take a walk.
7:30-8PM — Last 8oz bottle of the day. Then we take him in his nursery to get him ready for bed. We turn on the sound machine and humidifier. Then he’s down for the night usually by 8:15!

He’ll then sleep until we wake up at 6AM and do it all over again! We’re really lucky that he loves to eat and sleep.


Currently loving:
Skip Hop Seat Cover – This cover has been a godsend for when we put him in a shopping cart or a public high chair. It folds up into itself so it’s really easy to throw into my diaper bag. I highly recommend this if you have a baby 6m+.

Badger Bug Spray & Sunscreen – For the summer, I did a lot of research on what was the best products for D’s skin to protect from the sun and bugs. I finally landed on Badger and I am obsessed with these products. I got both the baby sunscreen and anti-bug spray and I highly recommend both.

Maclaren Volo Stroller – We switched D to his big boy car seat around 10.5 months and since then we don’t normally take his Chicco stroller out due to its size. This stroller is really lightweight and perfect for if we’re going somewhere that’s a bit more crowded or we need to maneuver easily. While it’s undercarriage isn’t as big as the other stroller and it doesn’t recline [so he can’t nap in it], it does definitely serve it’s purpose and also looks really sleek, which is a plus!

Mega blocks – Dillon absolutely loves these. While right now he mostly just bangs them together or puts them in his mouth, I can see the wheels turning in his head and he’s tried a few times to stack them himself! They’re a great pasttime and I know he’ll be able to play with these for a while.

Diffuser & Essential Oils – We started religiously diffusing a mix of lavender/eucalyptus/peppermint in his room every night around 10 months and I swear he goes down easier and sleeps better! Plus, the smell is divine!

See all of favorite products from the first year here!


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