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Hi guys! Who else can NOT believe that January is almost over?! This week and next I’m going to be sharing tons of empties with you. I broke it up into two posts because it just would’ve been too much all in one. Dillon unfortunately got the flu at the beginning of the month so we used a ton of products while he was sick, which all coincidentally are products I always keep on hand because they are essentials when he is under the weather. Next week’s post will be my empties, but for today, the focus is on the littles. Below are items that are holy-grails for us when Dillon is under the weather:

nose frida – If you’re not a parent, you may not even know what this is. It is a lifesaver. I even included this in this post. This is the single best tool to get all the snot out of your babies nose when they are sick. Before bed, we always give Dillon a suction to clear his airways for a good nights sleep. I always throw this in baby shower gifts now because we [still] truly can’t live without it.

essential oils – I talk about these all the time, and we use them all the time, but they are especially handy when sick. I will diffuse a combo of eucalyptus, lavender, and peppermint in Dillon’s room and I swear he sleeps sounder. The eucalyptus is especially important when he’s sick. His whole room smells like Vicks and I love it.

vicks baby rub Speaking of Vick’s, I always keep this on hand for when D is sick. I rub some on the bottoms of his feet and across his chest under his pajamas. It helps break up the mucus and ease the coughing overnight.

soothing bath – This was another great find from Vick’s [I swear this isn’t sponsored!]. I put a few capfuls of this is in D’s bath and it smells so nice. He immediately relaxes and can breathe while he plays in the tub. Baths are so important for when babes are running fevers and I always keep this on hand for when he’s under the weather.

desitin – Whenever D is sick and on some type of medicine [especially antibiotics], he gets a bad diaper rash. This is our favorite diaper rash cream [asides from pure coconut oil], and it really helps soothe his bottom. We’ve used this since he was a newborn and I always highly recommend it.

boogie wipes – This is a product that I totally turned my nose up at before I became a mom. I thought it was totally frivolous and not needed. Then, I became a mom to a kid who gets sick off and hates having his nose wiped! These ease the discomfort of wiping the nose plus keep his cheeks and area around his mouth soft. I highly recommend checking these out if your baby hates having their nose wiped.

lovebug probiotic c/o – While I’m always touting probiotics, they are especially important when baby is sick. Not only do they help immunity while it’s otherwise compromised, they also help balance the gut if baby is on antibiotic. We adore this brand and I love that since they’re packets, we can take them when travelling.

infants tylenol – We always keep Tylenol around for fevers while baby is sick. We will do Motrin is there are more symptoms/a more serious fever, but Tylenol is good to take the edge off for him. Always talk to your pediatrician about dosing, but we love having this on hand.


So, there you have it! These are some of the items we cannot live without while baby is sick. What do you swear by to help your child feel better when they’re sick? Leave a comment. I’d love to know if there’s something we should be adding to our routine. Here’s to a healthy next few months until Spring!

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