A #WednesdayGetaway at Nada

Last Wednesday, my girlfriend and I set out to have ourselves a little Wednesday Getaway down at Nada. Now if you’re unfamiliar, Nada is a taco and marg joint [at it’s very core] that has been a Cincinnati staple of mine from the minute I stepped foot in this city. I’ve had my birthday party there, I told said girlfriend that I was pregnant at HER birthday party there, and we’ve had countless other memories there that make this place so special. And the foundation of all of that is that the food is just so.darn.good. So, for this experience, we wanted to go all out. And all out we went. We started with the classic chips/salsa/guacamole trio that never disappoints. The guacamole comes with jicama slices for dipping, which is a personal favorite touch of mine. After that, we asked for the spiced pineapple that was literally life-changing. We couldn’t believe something so simple would be so good. Seriously, ask for it. It was spicy and sweet, succulent and juicy, and overall awesome. That alone was worth the trip. To wash it down, we got the tahitian rum pum [part of the Wednesday Giveaway menu] which came in a fishbowl that had a flaming sugar cube on top. It was quite the show-stopper and people were staring at how incredible this looked.

After the starters, we decided to go HAM on the entrees and ordered the braised chicken enchiladas [my OG favorite and go-to order], FOUR tacos [Al Pastor // Chicken Al Carbon [my girlfriend’s favorite] // Baja Fish [I added in a piece of the spicy pineapple to mine which made it to be MY favorite] // and Shrimp Verde]. In addition, we threw in a Hot Chicken Bun which was INCREDIBLE. Who knew a taco joint could do Nashville Hot Chicken so well?! That was honestly one of my favorite bites of the night and it’s part of the Wednesday Getaway menu, so get on down there ASAP to give yourself a taste. It was super juicy and spicy and accompanied by a light hand of creamy coleslaw and pickles [my favorite] and the best bite. We topped off our extravagant dinner situation with a classic Nadarita for my girlfriend and a Cerveza Paloma for me. The Palomas at Nada are to die for, so I highly recommend giving one of those a go if you fancy it.

Overall, this meal and evening was everything that Nada always delivers on: fun, delicious, and approachable. The ambiance is always chill but cool and the buzz of the crowd is sure to put you in a good mood. The food was impeccable this time around and we were both in a legit food coma upon leaving. I will definitely be returning soon, if for nothing but that pineapple and hot chicken, but let’s be real, also everything else. Be sure to pop into Nada on your next night out on the town in Cincinnati and thank me later.


Big thanks to Nada for having us, everything was beyond exquisite.

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