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Dillon 2 Year Update

I am sitting here trying to comprehend how I am writing this post. When I wrote his 18 month update in April, this day felt so far away. And now, it’s here. I have a TWO YEAR OLD!  As of today, he’s 24 months actual, but he’s still only 21.5 months adjusted. However, we’ve pretty much stopped adjusting him for his prematurity because he’s all caught up! He currently weighs 25.5 lbs and is 35 inches long! I know I have some new readers since the last update, so you can read about my pregnancy and pre-term labor journey herehere, and here. It’s safe to say he’s changed a whole lot since his birth and we are so in love with him. We had a small party yesterday to celebrate with close family and friends. After his blowout bash last year, I wanted to do something more low-key since next year he’ll probably have a say in what he wants to do! We just soaked up time with ones we loved and enjoyed our time together. While this is likely the last *scheduled* update I’ll be doing on him on the blog [I vowed never to be the mom who says “my son is 35 months old!” LOL], today I wanted to give you a little update on what’s going on in little man’s life!

Recent highs:

  • Talking so much more! He’s starting doing 2 word sentences and we think it won’t be long before he’s fully talking!
  • We had an amazing summer and he traveled to Texas, Chicago, and Wisconsin!

Recent lows:

  • Dillon had his third surgery earlier this month – PE tubes [again] and an adenoicetomy

His schedule:
I will preface this by saying every kid is different and what works for Dillon may not work for your baby, and that’s ok!

6:30AM — Dillon wakes up and we change him and he drinks a few ounces of milk while he watches his show. We then get ourselves ready for the day.
7:15AM — Dillon goes to daycare. While there, he eats breakfast, 2 snacks, and lunch. Nap time is 12-2. He’s luckily still napping like a champ!
5PM — I pick up Dillon and we come home from daycare. We then play for a bit and I feed him dinner and give him a bath. Then it’s a little more playing/hanging out. Sometimes we’ll take a walk but we usually let him watch a movie [most likely Moana, as he is obsessed with Maui!].
7PM — He still drinks a cup of milk or juice before bed. Then we take him in his room to get him ready for bed. We turn on the sound machine and humidifier and sometimes read a book. Then he’s down for the night usually by 7:30!


Currently loving:
Train table – this was his birthday gift and he loves playing on it! We have wooden train tracks but he also does legos and puzzles on here.

Water Wow books – we use these when we’re traveling or at a restaurant and it allows for mess-free coloring [and no crayons in his mouth!]

Buckle toy – when I saw Katey post about this, I couldn’t order it fast enough! Clipping things is literally his favorite activity [he’s always doing it on his high chair and stroller] and this has been a godsend for car rides and restaurants

Maclaren Volo stroller – this stroller is super lightweight and easy to bop around town with.

Puddle jumper – we used the heck out of this during the summer and I’m hoping to squeeze a few more swims in before fall temps officially take over. D is such a water baby and I love it!

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