Friday Finds

Friday Finds

Happy Friday! Now that we’re nearing the end of September, I feel like summer is really gone. So, the feature image today is a nod back to this summer that went by too fast. This was another productive week at home and at work. We celebrated Dillon’s birthday on Monday and then got after it and got a bunch of stuff done. Today I’m heading to Chicago with D for a dear friend’s wedding while Mike is off to Nashville for a bachelor party. The fun never ends over here! Here is what I’ve loved online this week.


Definitely snagging this Free People dupe that’s under $25

I am V into sneakers right now and these are SO cute for fall/winter

These [under $50] earrings never leave my ears.



Jess tastefully addresses the question of “when will you have kids”

Fridays and Sundays are rest days on FWTFL and I love this post on ways to maximize those days.

I’ve only seen 8 of these so I’m making my list now.



I have a 2 year old.

A super cute fall outfit + giveaway with CPO

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