Friday Finds

Friday Finds

Hi guys! Happy Friday! I cannot believe Halloween is next week. I think I finally know what we’re going to be and I can’t wait to show you guys. Tonight we’re going to a fun event at the Art Museum and tomorrow we have our friends’ Halloween party that we look forward to every year. My costume for that one is so fun and different and I hope I can execute it as well as it seems in my head! What are you guys being for Halloween? I’m not a die-hard Halloween lover, but especially now that I have a child, I see the appeal. Here is what I’ve loved online this week


This jacket is a little avant-garde for my taste, but at under $35 it’s a super fun option!

I just ordered this sweater in black, however this color is my JAM lately, so I may need that one, too.

Blair’s line is so feminine and elegant, and this may be my favorite piece.



The 19 best restaurants in Cinci. I’ve been to 14, so looks like I know where we’re going next!

In today’s political and social climate, this post spoke volumes to me as a boy-mom.

This made me LOL. God, I love her.



The perfect look for your Sunday Funday

Indianapolis Travel Diary

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