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An Ideal Day Date

Last month, Mike and I played hooky and embarked on a little day date around Cincinnati and seriously had the best time. I thought I’d document it here, not only for us to look back on, but in case you guys needed some ideas for your own night or day out!

outfit details can be found in this post
started the day with coffee and pastries at Avenue Brew
Then got an UNREAL couples massage at Inner Peace. I highly recommend this spa. It is very reasonable in relation to other options and the service is top-notch. Both Mike and I left in total bliss.
Next up was lunch at Crown Republic. We started with the Everything Knots which were so good!
I opted for Crab & Avocado toast [I got it on Ciabatta instead of the recommended Quinoa loaf because I don’t like Quinoa] and it was TO DIE FOR. Seriously the best avo toast I have ever had! Mike got the burger and was equally satisfied. The pickle aioli is everything.
Seriously, the crab & avocado toast was SO GOOD.
Next we headed to the levee for a matinee. We saw Isn’t It Romantic? and it was so funny! We LOLd so much and it was such a cute movie for a date.
We finished the day off with ice cream and a stroll through Barnes & Noble [we’re both big book nerds so we loved it!].

So, there you have it. How we spent a day around the city. We had such a good time and I highly recommend all these places and things. Let me know if you’ve ever been to these parts of if there is somewhere you’d like for me to check out! Thanks for stopping by.

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