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Easy Halloween Costume [on Amazon!]

Happy Monday, guys! I can NOT believe Halloween is next week! I don’t *love* dressing up, mostly because I hate spending money on something I’ll wear once. Last year, Dillon and I were Mama Coco and Miguel, and I didn’t buy a single thing! That being said, I do love getting creative with what I have or finding super affordable options to whip a costume together. Last year, we went to a party where the theme was “alter egos”, and I pulled this off; half grandma, half party girl! In the past, we’ve been to couples costume parties, and Mike and I were Mendez and Diaz from OITNB and then we were Kelly and Ryan from The Office! I used everything I already had for both of those. This year, we went to a party where the theme was [again] favorite TV sitcom characters, so Mike and I did Burt Macklin and Janet Snakehole! Parks and Rec is one of our all-time favorite shows, so this was a no-brainer. We both scored our outfits online so I figured I’d share in case any of you need a last minute idea [god bless Prime!].

I wore a black dress I already had, but this one would be perfect and you could definitely wear it again. Then, all I had to do was get the hat [which was $8] and I borrowed the pearls from a friend. This set is $6 and would be fine. I didn’t carry around the cigarette holder all night, but it was only $2. I used this lipstick for April’s classic nude lip and curled my hair around my face. That’s it!

Mike snagged this jacket + hat set for $25 and wore it over a white button down and tie he already had. He wore these aviators that are $6.

HOW EASY IS THAT?! Let me know what you guys are going to be or if you take inspiration from our costume.

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