Fall/Winter Looks

Fall/Winter Boot Guide

As the cold temps descend here in the midwest, I thought it’d be helpful to share my boot/bootie collection and why I love each pair and styling ideas. Over the years, I’ve definitely whittled my collection down to only the essentials and I find myself reaching for them more and getting more wear out of what I own. I’ll break it down to style and then some color/fabric options.

SNOW Boots – Ugg and Sorel

I reach for my Uggs literally daily in winter. These are my school drop-off/errands/quick walk to the mailbox boot. So warm, soft, and comfy. Highly recommend. I reach for my Sorels on true snow days when I need more height and water resistance. I size up a 1/2 size so I have room for warm socks and I’m good to go!

RAIN Boots – Sperry and Hunter

Again, here these 2 have more unique purposes for me. I reach for the Sperrys more in winter when there’s that yuck precipitation that’s more like sleet. If it’s a serious rainy day, I’ll reach for my Hunters with thicker socks. I even will wear my Hunters in the snow if it’s not a super freezing day. The height helps me differentiate these two but I do definitely reach for both often on days when there’s wetness outside but maybe not full, plush snow.

SLOUCHY Boots – Beige and Black

This is probably my favorite style of the moment. I think these are so chic and stylish but I always choose a shorter heel height so they’re still comfortable. Both of mine are in a suede(ish) material, which I prefer in this style.

OTK Boots – Grey and Leather and Cognac

These are the boots I reach for when I’m dressing up a bit. My gray and cognac pairs are in a similar material to my slouchy pairs, and I love having different color and style options. My black pair are the faux leather type, and I love these because I can wear these in the snow, where I reserve the other pairs for dry days due to their fabric type. But this style is so super flattering and I like that it adds an extra layer of warmth to my legs. I highly recommend having at least one pair in this style for that reason alone.

ANKLE Booties – Black and Leopard

I love this style for more casual “sweater and jean” type outfits. I always choose a thicker heel in this style so they’re most comfortable for everyday wear. I like having my black pair in the leather so I can wear them in precipitation, but the leopard is in a calf hair which is a chic style that’s perfect for dry days. If I had to choose one, I’d recommend black for its versatility, but the animal print is a really fun option to elevate basic looks.

STATEMENT Booties – Studded

I LOVE this pair for when I’m wanting something a bit more fun to choose from. While these have zero warmth factor, they are a great alternative to the basic black ankle bootie. I know this style isn’t for everyone, and I actually am not on board with the combat boot trend [yet anyway], but this style is the compromise for me.

I hope this was helpful and shows you different ways to wear different styles in these upcoming colder months. Also, I’m hoping by showing you a variety of options within a style you can make an informed decision on which pairs will best fit you and your lifestyle! Let me know if you’d like more styling options for any particular pair.

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