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Tips for Planning Outfits for Family Photos

Aftering sharing the above photo collage on my Instagram stories, I got a few requests for sharing how I go about choosing our outfits for when we take photos. This is something I carve out time for once a year because I know this time while Dillon is little is fleeting and I want to capture how we’re all growing together year over year. So, in honor of this being the FIFTH year we’re going to be shooting photos with Tiernae, below are 5 tips I keep in mind when deciding what the three of us should wear for our photos.

1.) Keep it comfortable: If your husband is anything like mine, the last thing they want to do is be standing in a tuxedo in a natural park in July. I always try to factor in some level of comfort for my boys, especially since we usually shoot in the summer. Think a lightweight button down or structured tee to keep it polished but cozy.

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2.) Don’t be afraid of patterns: I typically try to stick to only one family member wearing a print [personal preference], but I love having a pop of print in there. For the below session, I chose a bold floral dress for me while keeping the boys’ outfits in a coordinating color scheme. I think if you tie in the rest of the looks, having one print is a great dose of personality for pictures.

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3.) Keep it coordinated: I’m a big fan of stream-lining color palettes for family photos. In the above look, the color of Mike’s shirt tied in perfectly to the leaves on my dress, which brought the whole thing together. Especially if you’re shooting outdoors in nature where you’re already have some different colors going on, it helps to keep things in the same color family as to not overwhelm the camera. I typically have one parent and Dillon coordinating while the other has a pop of color and/or print.

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4.) Stay classic: If you follow my personal style, you know I’m not afraid to take risks or try trends. However, I firmly believe in keeping family photos within classic prints or schemes. These are photos that will adorn your home for years to come, so I want to ensure that our looks are timeless and I won’t be embarrassed of the dress I chose in 10 years. You can’t go wrong with an oxford on the boys and a striped or solid dress on mom.

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5.) Consider the fit: Family pictures, more than ever, are a time to make sure that your garments fit correctly. The last thing you want is a gaping button, ripped seam, or too short of a dress to make an appearance. This kind of goes along with #1, but make sure that everything fits correctly and comfortably. If something is even a bit too tight, I’d recommend scrapping the whole ensemble and finding something else. Seamless lines make for seamless photos! Always make sure no undergarments are showing, too. A peek of a slip or boxer line is enough to ruin an otherwise perfect shoot.

So, there you have it! Some tried and true tips I keep in mind when selecting outfits for my family photos. One final tip I have that doesn’t relate to outfits but is super important is to be mindful of the timing of your session. I always recommend either early morning or golden hour to make sure the lighting is just right. This year’s photos were done at 9am and the light was STUNNING! I hope this is helpful. I can’t wait to see how this years’ photos turn out!

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