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1 Piece, 2 Ways

Since I started this blog, I have always had the intention of repurposing things in my closet and showing you guys multiple ways to style something. In fact, I’ve done similar posts here and here. Especially as I get older, I see more value in filling my closet with versatile pieces rather than a flashy item I’ll wear once. Now that Spring is upon us, I’ve finally started shopping a bit, and have already reworn multiple pieces multiple ways. I actually already showed you some of these pieces in this post, but I’ve added a few more styling options here. I wanted to share these outfit ideas with you guys to give you some springspiration and reiterate just how important and easy it is to fill your closet with pieces you can mix and match to make the most of your dollar [and time]!

flowy dress [wearing a S]

Portland sweatshirt [wearing a M]

Camo Dress [wearing a S]

Fleece Pullover [wearing a S]

Detroit sweatshirt [wearing a M]

quilted jacket [wearing a S]

Beverly Hills sweatshirt [very oversized; wearing a M]

Smocked Top [TTS; wearing a M]

Mint Sweater [very oversized; wearing a S]

Let me know if these kinds of posts are helpful and if there’s any specific category or items you’d like to see styled multiple ways!

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