10 Things to Watch on Netflix

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Happy Monday! I’m back with another slightly untraditional post for me. So far while I’ve been on bed rest, I’ve shared what I’m wearing and what beauty products I’m loving, so I thought today I’d share what I’ve been watching. Being on bed rest is no joke. Netflix quickly became my best friend and I’ve watched some good stuff lately so I wanted to let you guys in on it. This list is kind of all over the place, ranging from TV to documentaries to movies, from horror to comedy. My taste is very diverse when it comes to what I watch, so I like to mix it up based on my mood. Leave me a comment on what you guys have been binging on lately and if there’s any recommendations you guys have for me!
1.) Stranger Things – I’m only halfway through this but I love it! I won’t give away too much but if you love sci-fi or older horror movies, you’ll love this. It’s so nostalgic and so well done. The child actors are amazing, as well! It’s definitely living up to the hype.
2.) LOVE – If you’re a Judd Apatow fan (40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, etc), you’ll love this. The two lead actors are so quirky and funny and the story progresses so naturally. It’s only one season of 10 episodes so it’s an easy, binge-worthy watch.
3.) Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – My sister and I watched the entire first season (18, 1-hour episodes) in 4 days! This show is literally CRAZY! If you thought Kimmy Schmidt was absurd (another favorite watch), Rebecca sometimes puts her to shame! This musical-comedy is so entertaining and the entire cast is hysterical.
4.) Freaks & Geeks – Such a classic. It’s old, but so, so good. There’s so many familiar faces (Seth Rogan, James Franco, etc) and it’s so fun to watch them before they all got really big. It takes you back to your hihg school days, no matter what clique you were in.
5.) The Twilight Zone – Another oldie but goodie. I know, I’m a nerd. But I seriously love this show. I’ve seen too many episodes to count and I love them all. It’s easy to turn on at any point because they’re short episodes with no continuity. If you like to be scared in an old-fashioned way, this is the show to watch.
6.) Master of None – You guys, I LOVED this show! While it’s been out for a while now, it’s seriously so good. Aziz Ansari is brilliant in it and I truly believe all 20 and 30 somethings can relate to the show at some point. Again, wtih only one season, it’s easy to binge-watch and get through it quick.
7.) Friends – Duh. No explanation needed.
8.) Begin Again – I never heard anyone talk about this movie when it first came out and I have no idea why. It’s AMAZING. Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo are absolutely phenomenal in this and the music is so good, too. In fact, I bought the soundtrack on iTunes! Who does that?! ANd for you Adam Levine fans, he’s in it too. You’re welcome.
9.) Dear Zachary – Someone should’ve told me not to watch this movie while pregnant. Holy water works. I truly believe this movie is best watched when you know little to nothing about it. It’s a documentary and it is such a crazy sad story. But worth watching. I’ve watched a TON of documentaries on Netflix, so if you want any more recommendations, let me now! I could do a whole post like this just on documentaries.
10.) Hush – If you’re looking to cuddle up and watch a scary movie, this is it. Normally I don’t love scary movies because I think they are either too cheesy or too legitimately terrifying, but this is the perfect middle-ground. I was in suspense the whole time but I still was able to sleep that night. It’s pretty messed up at times, but well done for a lower budget horror flick.
So, there you have it. The list of what I’ve been toggling between the last few weeks. Let me know if there’s a series I need to watch or if you’ve seen/love any of these that I’ve mentioned! 

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