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2.5 Year Old Toddler Favorites

Dillon turned 2.5 last week [not sure how that is possible!] so I thought I’d share our current favorite things for him right now! I haven’t shared anything on here formally since his 2 year update so thought now would be a good time. This stage of life may be my favorite of parenthood yet. His personality is out in full force, he’s talking so much more, is so curious and getting so independent, and he’s been so happy and healthy [knock on wood!]. I asked on Instastories if you all wanted to see what we’re loving lately, so here we go!


Carter’s Footies – Dillon has been wearing these basically his whole life and I have no plans of stopping! They are the softest, warmest, and most affordable. He hasn’t been in a sleep sack of any sort for probably 2 years but these do the trick. In fact, Mike and I joke that these are “magic pajamas” because anytime he wears anything else, he wakes up at night! I’m sure it’s coincidence, but we’re not going to jinx it!

North Face Jacket – We recently scored this on sale and it’s been amazing as winter has lingered on. We got a size up so he can wear it next winter too! They play outside at his school even when it’s kind of cold, so this keeps him super warm and I love the hood.

Old Navy Sweaters – I love shopping at Old Navy for his sweaters because I can always score good deals and they’re super cute.

Elements by Nina Sneakers – These high-tops are his most worn sneakers lately. While we still love his Adidas Superstars, the velcro on these are great for his always-running lifestyle. Plus, they look really stylish!

Hunter Boots – These are great for rainy/snowy days. He loves putting them on himself, plus they’re obviously so cute! You can find cheap pairs on Poshmark if you don’t want to pay full price! But, I do highly recommend having these on hand for inclement weather days.

Hudson Jeans – I know, I know. This one is kind of bougie but honestly no jeans fit him better than these! I get them at Nordstrom Rack so they’re not all that much more than, say, Target prices. If you have skinnier but still tall-ish babes, I highly recommend checking these out.


Melissa & Doug Alphabet Puzzle – This puzzle has been amazing at teaching him his ABCs. He’ll pull the letter off and immediately know what word is underneath and it’s been great at developing memory and recognition.

First Words Flash Cards – These are another tool we’ve been utilizing to develop his speech. They’re great because they’re portable and so easy to use when we’re on planes, in restaurants, or just at home.

Melissa & Doug Train Table – This has been a favorite for a while, and while definitely an investment, it’s been so worth it. He plays at this thing every single day. As he gets older, he can do puzzles and things on it too!

Radio Flyer Trike – He loves his little bike and always wants to go for a ride. I can’t wait to take this out for the Spring!

Books – I love Dillon’s zest for reading. I swear we read 20 books a day. Even his teachers comment on how much he loves books! We have one million at home, but This, this, and this are current favorites.

V-Tech Laptop – This was a Christmas gift from his Nana and it’s so cool! There are music, ABC, 123, and game options, and he can sit and mess with it for a good while. We don’t give him an IPAD or anything to play with yet [unless he’s watching a show on it on a plane or long road trip] so this is a good educational alternative.

Crayola Doodle Board – This board allows him to color but still be mess-free. There’s a gel-like substance in it that allows for tracing and drawing. It also has music and light options which are positive stimuli for him to get his creative juices flowing.


KIND Kid Chocolate & Peanut Butter Bars – These are Dillon’s newest obsession! They’re clean ingredients and a great snack to keep on hand whether we’re out and about or hanging at home!

Siggis Yogurt – I have done a ton of yogurt research [haha, file that under things I never thought I’d say] simply because so many have SO much sugar. Siggi’s has been the best I’ve found, both for the protein/fat content as well as lower sugar. Dillon will eat this plan with chia seeds sprinkled in and I also mix it into every smoothie I make. I highly recommend trying this brand.

Culturelle Kids Probiotic Chewables – This is the probiotic Dillon has been taking daily since he turned 2. It definitely helps keep his tummy happy and he loves the taste! We call them his “treat” and he gets so excited to take it every day.

He also has been loving all fruit as usual [especially cuties], cheese slices, green smoothies [my favorites are all uploaded to the “EATS” highlight on my instagram], grilled cheese, fish sticks, mac & cheese, and applesauce [I get the unsweetened pouches by Motts]! I always keep everything on hand for those.


Suave Kids Free & Gentle Body Wash – This is the body wash/bubble bath we’ve been using lately. It’s obviously affordable and the ingredients aren’t harsh. Every since his eczema diagnosis [more on that below], we wanted to keep his soaps irritant free and this one does the job.

Johnson’s Creamy Oil Lotion – This is the lotion we use every day after bath on D’s skin. It smells SO good and is so creamy. It definitely keeps his eczema in check and has become a holy-grail item for him.

Cerave HydroCortisone Cream – A couple months back, Dillon’s doctor told us that he does have a slight bout of eczema, which particularly flares on his trunk. When it gets really bad, I’ll use a thin layer of this and that helps to clear it up overnight. So, this is more of a spot treatment for when it flares up, while the Creamy Oil Lotion is more a daily deterrent. This combo has been working great for us and I can tell he’s so much more comfortable!

Orajel Toddler Toothpaste & Toothbrush – This is the teeth-brushing system we’ve been using. Dillon actually hasn’t been to the dentist yet [we have an appointment next month] so we’ve been using this for now. Once we see the dentist, this may change, but for now it’s been great. Dillon looks forward to “brush brush” before bed and loves doing it himself.

Dr. Browns Cheers Cups – These are the cups we use on the daily for water and juice [D doesn’t really like milk] and we love them. They’re big enough to keep out for the day and don’t leak. Highly recommend.

OXOTOT Stick & Stay Plate – This is Dillon’s plate that he eats pretty much every meal on at home. It sticks to our table so he can’t throw it and is big enough to fit one portion [sometimes he’ll eat two plates full]. It’s microwave and dishwasher safe so perfect for everyday.

So, there you have it! All the things we’ve been loving lately. I’m so excited it’s nearing Spring and we can spend more time outside. Don’t forget to bookmark this page if you’re interested in keeping up with your favorites because they’re always up to date there. Thanks for stopping by!

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