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2017 Gift Guide – For The Littles

coat outfit // rocker // hat set // cars set // robe // moccasins // PJs // blanket // wubanub

Today’s guide is for the littles! I really only covered infants through early toddlers because that’s the stage that most of the kids in my life are at. While our nieces and nephews are a bit older, I kept Dillon’s age group in mind for this guide. When I think of shopping for babies, I think of cuddly and cozy, especially in the winter time. So this gift guide is full of just that.

3-piece outfit — Dillon has this outfit and the coat is the absolute cutest! The onesie is a long-sleeve thermal which is perfect for colder temps and it goes with all of his bottoms!

Rocker — This is absolutely adorable and would go perfectly in a nursery or playroom. It’s gender neutral so it’s great for any new babes in your life.

Hat + Mittens — You just can’t go wrong with winter accessories as gifts. As parents, gloves and socks are the easiest things to lose so stocking up is never a bad idea.

Car Set — Dillon is finally to the age that he’s obsessed with cars and trains. This little set is too cute and perfect for the toy lover.

Moccasins — These are a quintessential holiday gift for kids. I feel like every mom I know has a pair of these for their kids. Dillon wore his in this post and they are some of my favorite images!

Robe — What is cuter than a freshly bathed babe in a hooded robe?! NOTHING!

Blanket — Now that Dillon is a bit older, he’s able to use a blanket for naps and I love how cozy this one is.

PJs — You can never have enough PJs for toddlers and these Christmas ones are too cute!

Wubanub — While we’re slowly trying to wean Dillon off a binky, the wubanub is still his favorite for bed time. They have all kinds of animals and this would make a great little stocking stuff for infants and toddlers!



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