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5 Organization Tips/Hacks For Your Closet

I had recently asked on my Instagram what you guys want to see from me on the blog, and I had a few requests for closet organization tips. One request in particular that caught my eye asked “how do you keep your closet organized so pieces get used and not lost?”. I loved this question because it’s so relatable. I’m sure all of us, at one point, have found an old shirt you used to love that had somehow gotten lost in the abyss. It got me thinking about things I do to help me utilize everything I own. I currently have a wardrobe I’m really proud of; it’s curated and has tons of quality basics to mix and match but also more more affordable trendy pieces that let me be me. While Mike and I do share a walk-in closet, I by no means have a massive closet that was intended to be a bedroom. So, I do have to get creative for how I make my [sizeable] collection fit in a functional way. So, I thought I’d share 5 things that have really allowed me to fully see everything I own, and therefore wear it all!

1.) Use the KonMari method for clothes that are folded/in drawers

Watching Marie Kondo’s special on Netflix is one of the key driving factors of the organization/declutter/tidying up overhaul I’ve taken on over the last year. One of her best tips is to roll tops/tanks/tees that you keep in a drawer so that you can see them all and just pull them out. That has been a game-changer for me. I now only roll anything that is put in a drawer so that there is a bit of verticalness to it. It’s so easy to see everything I have [vs the traditional way of folding shirts that would create a stack so you couldn’t see what’s on the bottom]. In the above image and the cover image of this blog post, you’ll see how easy this method is to do and how much you’ll get out of it. This drawer has all my workout tops + sports tops and the other drawer has all my graphic tees. It’s especially helpful there because I can use the imagery to guide the folding process so I can properly see what I have!

2.) Utilize vertical space for your accessories

I absolutely love utilizing every last bit of area I can. So, I always seek out things that will let me use the height of the closet to my advantage. This wire shoe rack, while not the chicest thing in the world, allows me to store all my flats/mules so I can see every single pair and know what I want to wear. Jewelry is also another thing that can definitely capitalize on vertical space. This earring holder sits perfectly on the wall in my closet and lets me stack the jewelry upright so it can all fit and be displayed. On our dresser, I snagged this gold rack for my everyday/gold earrings. So, not only does it look pretty, but it holds a ton of pieces in a small amount of counter space. I even use this tie bar to hold all my belts! It’s a great way to see everything while taking up the space of only one hanger. I actually also have my designer crossbody bags hung on hooks on the wall [you can see them under tip #4]. That’s another great hack for your bags. You can see in the next tip that I also use a hanging rack for all my sandals! The options are endless.

3.) Use velvet hangers to maximize space

This is a no-brainer, but velvet hangers truly are magical. While I don’t use them in my whole closet [I eventually want to make the transition], I use them for my dresses, which helps them all fit onto the tall built-in in my closet. Especially if you’re in a small space, this will expand your surface area tremendously.

4.) Keep [acrylic] trays handy for organizing

I absolutely love using trays for different things around my dressing area, especially for accessories. Whether you’re displaying jewelry or stacking your clutches, this is a super easy and chic trick. This tray has been a god-send for organizing my clutches up right. They fit just perfectly and now I can see all my smaller bags at once, which helps me reach for ones that used to get lost when I had all of them in a drawer on top of one another. If the look of acrylic isn’t your thing, this green tray is another pretty option for displaying accessories. I always scour Amazon for jewelry organizers, like this T-bar and drawer system, which I just stacked.

5.) Sort by color + do the hanger method

This is huge for me. I am not someone who packs away clothes once a season is over. I keep all my clothes out at all times. I get inspired by mixing and matching seasonal pieces with something a bit out of season [like a floral summer dress with a suede moto jacket over it], so I don’t like the idea of hiding clothes elsewhere. What keeps me organized is putting everything in color-coded order. And then, within the color section, I’ll organize by season. So, for example, within my green tops, I’ll start with tanks, then tees, then long sleeve, then sweaters. In addition to this, twice a year I’ll do a big purge of my closet. That entails taking everything out [and I mean everything] and getting rid of [or setting aside to sell/donate] anything I’m not wearing or haven’t in the last 6 months. What keeps me accountable here is the hanger method. And what that is is I turn every hanger facing the opposite way when I put it all back. Then, once I wear something, I put it back in with the hanger facing correctly. After 6 months [or a year if it’s a more seasonal item], if the hanger is still facing the opposite way, it’s time for it to go. While I do make the rare exception, I try to stick hard and fast to that rule. Especially being a blogger, I’m always getting new clothes so there’s no need for me to hold on to something if it’s not getting worn in months. You can see in the image above with all the white tops what I’ve worn recently and what I have yet to wear. Not only does it keep me accountable, it also becomes like a challenge with myself to try to style every piece I own. It’s like shopping in your own closet!

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