6 Black Bloggers You Should Be Following

Hi guys! Whew. What a year June has been, am I right? In wake of the murder of George Floyd and the tremendous momentum the Black Lives Matter movement has garnered, I wanted to get on here not only to highlight a few resources/organizations I’ve been loving learning from and have donated to [like BLM, NAACP, Black Girls Code, and Campaign Zero] I also wanted to highlight a few Black contenet creators that I’ve been loving and learning from, as well. Some of these are OG follows of mine, and a few are newer, but all are worthy of the follow. While this list isn’t all-inclusive [obviously], I wanted to highlight these in particular because I think their content aligns with mine in some way and I think you will genuinely enjoy engaging with their feeds!

clockwise from top left in cover photo

Beverly from The Beverly Adams – Beverly just had her second son and her family content is real and relatable. Her pregnancy style was also always flawless. We share Natalie in common, so that’s pretty cool, too!

Tomi from Good Tomicha – I’ve followed Tomi forever and she’s super smart, hilarious, and her style is super approachable. She shares fun pops of color and has fun travel content, too. She also recently opened up about her MS diagnosis, which I thought was super brave. I always leave her page either laughing or having learnt something new.

Stephanie from Steph Taylor Jackson – Steph is another mom blogger I love to follow. I always get inspiration from her looks and she shares snippets of her life that are super relatable. Steph is pregnant again and I’ve loved following her journey.

Ayana from XO Ayana – Ayana is a new follow of mine and one that I’ve arguably learnt the most from. She’s so knowledgeable and eloquent and shares information in a super easy way to digest. She’s recently been on a bunch of podcasts and it’s so interesting to hear her take on things and anecdotes. She’s also pregnant, and those pics are adorable!

Alicia from Alicia Tenise – Alicia is an OG follow of mine and both her style and travel content are killer. She has always been a HUGE advocate for POC in the blogging space and I respect the hell out of her for that. Plus, she loves wine! Win win win with her.

Janelle from Wait You Need This – Janelle’s content is GOALS. Her Instagram feed is stunning and she is so gorgeous. Her aesthetic is super aspirational and I always leave her page inspired.

I wanted to share an honorary mention to Candace of Candace Read. I’ve shared her a bunch on my Instagram so I didn’t call her out here, but she’s an amazing follow as well. All of these women are not only super stylish but super SMART and I love that about them. So, I hope you’ve found someone new to follow and love! It’s so important, now more than ever that we support POC content creators and level out a playing field that has been skewed for far too long. Let me know in the comments who you love to follow or if I’ve introduced you to someone here!

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