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7 Things We Love To Do With Our Toddler Every Day

As a follow-up to our current schedule, I thought I’d share a few things that we always try to incorporate into our day, especially now that we’re quarantined! You guys had requested more toddler content, so I hope this helps and/or inspires you to make the most of this time we have with our families.

READ – Dillon absolutely loves books and reading is a huge part of our day, every day. We will read randomly throughout the day and Dillon always requests 2-3 books before bed. It’s great seeing him look at the pictures, repeat back parts of the story, and actively listen. I linked up some of his favorite books here.

DO CHORES – I’m not sure if every toddler is this way, but Dillon LOVES to help with chores around the house. He loves helping me with laundry [I let him drop the scent booster tabs in and throw the clothes into the washer/dryer] and he loves to mop. I swear Swiffer should sponsor him! Anything that I can let him help with I can. Even if it’s handing him a package of wipes and letting him wipe off the table or his toys. I feel like it instills the essence of hard work at a young age while not only occupying time but keeping things fun.

GET OUTSIDE – Dillon is 100% an outside kid and thrives when he can run and play. Whether it’s getting in the backyard to play t-ball or kick the soccer ball, or going for a walk around the block, we make sure to get outside every day as long as it’s not raining. We also love to go for a long walk/hike or go to the park [when we’re not social distancing of course].

PLAY WITH HIM – I know this seems obvious, but I mean *really* play. As in, phones away and full attention. It’s super easy to get caught up in day to day work and tasks to get done [definitely guilty here!] but I try to dedicate some time every day to fully play with him. Whether it’s building something with legos together, coloring, or creating scenes on his magnet puzzle, I love to get on his level and let his creativity thrive.

COOK – Along the same lines of the chores, Dillon loves to help in the kitchen. Whether it’s dropping ingredients into the blender for our green smoothie or helping me stir pancake batter, I try to get him involved as much as possible.

CHILL OUT – We try to instill the importance of taking the time to rest as much as taking the time to be productive/active, so we definitely encourage some relaxation. He gets to watch a movie/show before bed and we’ll all sit together as a family during that time. We obviously try not to go overboard with screen time, but we’re definitely not afraid of it in our household and that works for us. I actually look forward to that time before bed when we can all just hang out together.

WORK ON LETTERS/NUMBERS/MATCHING – Especially now that we’re home, we try to do a few educational things a day. We love having him match his alphabet puzzle to this page from Babbling Abby or going through his flash cards. We’ve also really been loving this dry erase workbook where he can work on writing his letters, numbers, and shapes.

So there are a few ideas of things to do with your kids, especially now that we’re all stuck inside together for the near future. Let me know if you do or plan to do any of these things and if there’s something else I should be fitting in our day-to-day life. Thanks for stopping by!

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