A Few Of My Favorite Things – F/W Nail Color

Today’s edition of AFOMFT will be reviewing my favorite nail colors for the fall/winter season. In the summer, you will never catch me without a bright, vibrant mani featuring hues of pinks, reds, corals, or even greens or purples. However, in the colder months, I transition to dark manis as fast I can. While the occasional nude mani will still make its appearance, I often opt for shades of navy, oxblood, and gray. Below are a few of my favorites:

Clockwise from top left:
1.) “Red Tote” by L’Oreal Paris – I love deep shades of red and maroon for fall manis. I think it’s a seasonally appropriate twist on the classic red and it instantly transforms an outfit. My favorite is Red Tote by L’Oreal, and you can buy it here.
2.) “Midnight Rose” by Lancome – I have thought in the past that purple manis can look a little too middle school, but if the shade skews toward a more eggplant hue, I think it can look really chic. This shade from Lancome is GORGEOUS. It has a hint of shimmer and the color is really deep. Find it here.
3.) “Not Just a Pretty Face” by Essie – Like I said, I often lean towards dark manis in the colder months, however nude manis can look really great in winter. A nude mani with an all-white ensemble is killer. Essie makes my favorite and you can buy it on
4.) “Royal Navy” by butter London – I love butter polishes. The colors are really deep and you don’t need 5 coats to achieve it. Navy manis might be my absolute favorite. Even better is a navy mani with a matte top coat (what I’m currently sporting). Buy it on
5.) “Chinchilly” by Essie – Chinchilly might be in my top 5 nail polishes of all time. The grey is the perfect grey. For those of you who have ever used it, you know what I mean. It just can’t be touched. If you’re looking for a gray mani, look no further. Buy it now.
6.) “Who Are You Calling Bossy?” by OPI – Ever since Lincoln Park After Dark came out, I was sold on dark manis. This shade is almost black, yet not Halloween black. If you’re scared of dark manis, I would start with this shade. You won’t turn back. Find it here.
What are your favorite nail color shades for fall/winter?

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