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Another new segment? That’s right! This one will be called “A Few Of My Favorite Things”. In this segment, I will showcase some of my current obsessions across a range of categories, including fashion, decor, and beauty. What I want to do with this segment is show you all pieces that I actually own and love. It’s so easy to recommend many items that look good online, but it’s another thing to actually be able to touch and feel the products. In the first edition, I’m going to show you some of my favorite decor bits & pieces that are proudly displayed in my own home!

1.) These agate bookends from West Elm are so, so gorgeous. The emerald color works so well in our family room that has a really cozy feel to it (think big leather furniture, a neutral pallet of greens, nudes, and golds, and lots of pillows and blankets). These provide just the right amount of sophistication to an otherwise relaxed space.
2.) These Brass Starburts from Waiting on Martha work as the perfect topper for a stack of books. I am a book nerd. Always have been, always will be. In fact, I collect books! My latest obsession has been coffee table books. These starburts are perfect to plant right on top of a stack of coffee table books for a finishing touch.
3.) Ah, elephants. Probably my favorite touch of decor for my home. I’m not kidding when I say EVERY room of our house (yes, every) has at least one elephant piece in it. Growing up in an Indian-American home, I have always been exposed to these kinds of pieces and my love only grows through the years. This white elephant from Lulu & Georgia is in our family room bookcase and it is so cute (and affordable!). 
4.) Ginger Jars are something I’ve recently come to love. I do a lot of thrifting and whenever I can find a ginger jar, I snatch it up. I’ve started a collection in one of our guest bedrooms that has a blue motif and I just love them. I think they look polished but add a surprise element. They come in all shapes and sizes. Like I said, I try to thrift mine, but I’ve found this site that sells them.
5.) I am a print addict. Like elephants, there are prints in every room of our home. Our bedroom is black, coral, and gold, so this print from Rifle Paper Co. was perfect for the reading nook wall space. I love Anna Rifle Bond’s work and this piece is feminine yet not too girly to make the husband take it down ;).
6.) Can you tell I love gold?! These spheres from West Elm are so whimsical. They have a few different shapes and colors to fit any decor scheme. I have one on top of my coffee table, but I could also see them being styled in a bookcase or a bedside table.
Leave a comment on what else you’d like me to show in AFOMFT!

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