A Night at Nada

A few weeks back, I was invited to bring a guest to try out the new menu at nada. This is a familiar joint to me [last discussed here] so I was thrilled to go back. If you’ve been to nada before, you know that tacos are their staple. However, they’ve been hard at work elevating their menu and, guys, it is out of this world! We had an elaborate tasting of all the new dishes and drinks and it’s hard to pick a favorite. Keep reading to hear about [and see] all the exquisite new items you can expect to find at nada.

First things first, we dove into a round of cocktails. I opted for Summertime Sabbatical, a watermelon margarita that may just be my new favorite cocktail ever. My girlfriend went for the classic nadarita, but made it top-shelf because #yolo.

Next, a classic round of chips, salsa, and guac, all of which never disappoint.

For an appetizer course, we opted for the lobster lettuce wraps and the new saganaki quesadilla with steak. We both agreed that these two items may have been the best of the night and worth the trip alone. The lobster was juicy and succulent and so fresh wrapped in a bed of bibb lettuce. The quesadilla was rich and indulgent and just so, so gooey and good. I cannot recommend these two items enough!

I started to feel a little fomo after trying my friend’s drink, so I opted for a margarita next. If nada knows anything, it’s tequila-based cocktails.

For our dinner course, we opted for the chicken enchiladas [my historic go-to at nada] and their new kale salad, which was so delicious. The enchiladas are melty and the layers of flavor are deep, and the salad was a light accompaniment to give a burst of freshness. I will always opt for this as a main event.

To finish, we got to sip a few more cocktails [don’t worry, we didn’t finish all of this!], and these were equally as good. The La-Bomb-a [the orange one in the back] was SO GOOD. It’s a blood orange and habanero margarita that was my second favorite behind the summertime sabbatical. The pink one is The Black Rose, which is a blackberry and rosemary margarita, which was equal parts tart and sweet and really good, too. The tall yellow one is the La Yuma, which was probably last for me, but if you like pineapple and brandy it may be the one for you! There’s honestly a drink for everyone, though, and they’re all expertly poured.

Next up, we got a final round of food to take a few bites and then have a doggy bag for our husbands! The corn and potatoes are two of my favorite sides they offer and always a great pairing with your entrees. The pork belly and baja fish tacos are probably my favorite on the menu, and always a winner if you like those flavors.

To finish out this decadent experience, we got the flan and churros for something sweet. The churros come with chocolate and caramel sauce and they’re so buttery and fluffy it’s sinful. The flan has an almost mousse-like conistency that is airy but still indulgent. I highly recommend checking out their dessert menu if you haven’t yet.

All in all, this was an incredible experience that will go down as my best experience at nada ever. Our server, Cesar, was so knowledgeable about the menu and made it such a fun time. If you’re in need of a date night, girls night, or really any night out location, make nada it. You won’t be disappointed.

Big thanks to nada for treating us to this insane spread. We had to be rolled out and will be talking about it for weeks to come. All opinions are my own!

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