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Apple Watch Review

Good morning! Today is my highly anticipated Apple Watch review! I share it a lot on my instastories and you said you guys wanted a full review on my thoughts on the Apple Watch, so here we are! I’m going to break this post down into a few of the questions I get asked most about the watch. Also, I wanted to share this super cute athleisure look with you because these leggings and sneakers are LIFE. So, keep scrolling to see more of the outfit and read all about my thoughts on the Apple Watch!


Q: Which version do you have and why did you choose that?

A: I have the 38mm series one Apple Watch. I purchased mine at Target, though there are many retailers that sell them. I went back and forth on getting the Series 1 or 3, but ultimately I settled on the 1 for a few reasons. The 3 is much more expensive, mostly due to it being waterproof and also having a Cellular built-in, meaning you can wear your watch without having your phone nearby and still utilize all the call features. I didn’t really see the value in it being waterproof since I don’t really do water workouts like swimming. Also, I didn’t think I needed the Cellular feature since I didn’t see myself going anywhere without my phone [though that’s another thing I”m trying to work on, HA!]. So, for me, the Series 1 was plenty for what my needs were. If you are a swimmer or long distance runner who could benefit from the GPS, perhaps the Series 3 is more your speed, but for me, the 1 was enough.

Q: What apps do you use on it the most?

A: The Activity app is the #1 app I use on my Apple Watch. This is what houses all my workout info, my steps, how many calories I’ve burned, how much I’ve stood, and all the historical information about my workouts. I love that it totals up your activities by type and by month, so you can keep track of how much you’re doing and when. I check this app religiously to make sure I’m getting my 10,000 steps a day. Honestly, this was the biggest reason I got the watch. I knew I was going to be more dedicated to fitness this year and I wanted the watch to help keep me accountable. Besides the fitness app, I check texts on here and see incoming calls. It’s nice to see it pop up and I can decide if it’s important enough to grab my phone right away or if it can wait. I’m also wanting to be on my phone less overall and this has helped with that tremendously. I also check the weather on here regularly and use the app for my gym to see when classes are that I want to take. A final added bonus is my alarm goes off on my watch! So, it’s nice that if I’m already downstairs with Dillon but my phone is upstairs, I can turn off my alarm from my watch without having to know where my phone is.

Q: How has having the watch been most beneficial to you?

A: Honestly, having this watch has completely transformed my mentality on being physically active. It’s almost addicting! I am someone who is very numbers-oriented, so seeing my calories, steps, minutes exercised, etc, all in front of me is so satisfying. It’s almost like each day is a competition versus the day before, against myself! The old me would end the day just collapsing on the couch and watching mindless TV, but now, if I see I haven’t gotten enough steps, I’ll walk around my house or run up and down the stairs to complete my steps for the day. I set a goal for 30 minutes of activities and 310 calories burned a day, so it is very motivating to see it live on my watch whether or not I’ve completed it. It’s made the gym more enjoyable and totally holds me accountable for my workouts. If you’re someone who has been wanting to get back into the gym but can’t find the motivation, I really recommend this watch for that purpose alone.

Q: What color/bands do you have?

A: I went with the solid black just because I wanted it to match majority of my outfits. Now that I have this, I actually rarely wear another watch! It’s kind of sad seeing my beautiful watches collecting dust, but I know wearing this watch is what’s best for my well-being. I kind of want to get a white and rose gold band just to mix it up.

Q: Does the watch just track that you’re exercising or can you specify what workouts you’re doing?

A: You can specify! I actually love that feature because I can see how different workouts vary when it comes to heart rate, calories burned, etc. There’s some options pre-programmed, like walking, elliptical [which I do often], rowing, and stair stepper. If you’re doing something like Zumba or Yoga, you can select ‘other’ and then classify it once you’ve done the workout once and it’ll keep track of it for you.

Q: Are there any cons to the watch or things you wish it did that it doesn’t?

A: I’ve only had it for about 2 months, so up til now, I’ve been really, really happy with it. I do have to charge it at least once a day, so I guess I wish the battery would last just a bit longer. Other than that, I’m very pleased with all the features. If something does come up that is disappointing, I’ll be sure to update this post!

So, overall, I’d highly [HIGHLY] recommend getting an Apple Watch. Whether you’re trying to get into a more dedicated fitness routine or be on your phone less, this watch will help you accomplish all that AND more! Please let me a comment if I missed anything or you have any additional questions.


Top: A&F [similar here] // Leggings: Zella [similar here] // Sneakers: Amazon [SO fun and comfy and only $28] // Ring: David Yurman // Watch: Apple // Beanie: Topshop // Sunnies: Sonix

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