Beauty Empties

I’ve seen these types of videos all over YouTube and I love seeing the items that people actually use from start to finish. Because of my day job, I get to try a ton of beauty products and I thought it’d be fun to share what I’ve used up and what I truly think of each product. These products range from skin care to makeup to hair care and some I loved and some I didn’t. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products!

L’Oreal EverStyle Dry Shampoo – This is my favorite drugstore dry shampoo by far. I love the smell and the way it soaks up the oil but also adds texture. I’ve gone through bottle after bottle of this and will always go back to it.
Matrix Biolage Keratindose Shampoo & Conditioner – This S&C was just ok. It’s pretty pricey and I typically go for keratin-based products due to my hair type, but this one didn’t deliver exactly what I wanted. I definitely prefer the Pureology system.
Shu Umera Oil-In Cream – This was another more expensive item that I wasn’t totally thrilled with. I put it in my damp hair before I styled it and while it kept my hair soft, it didn’t do much for the actual style. I’ve used other more affordable options as a pre-style treatment that worked just as well if not better. This one is cheaper and helps with the eventual style you do.
Caudalie Shower Gel – I ordered this when I was on bed rest as a way to bring some luxury into my hospital room. It definitely did that. The scent is super fresh and it left my skin feeling pretty soft considering it was a gel. I will say it’s kind of pricey for a shower gel and there are other great drugstore options, but if you want to treat yo’ self, I’d recommend picking this up.
GlamGlow Youth Mud Mask – GlamGlow is still my favorite brand for masks. I’ve tried a lot of the ones in their line and I love this one the most. It’s great for my skin type and a little goes a long way. I’ll actually use this as a spot treatment if I feel a zit coming on. GlamGlow is definitely a brand that’s worth the investment to me. This is a good dupe if you want a similar effect at a more affordable price point.
M-61 HydraBoost Moisturizer [not pictured] – I received this in a PR package and I actually ended up loving it! It’s more expensive than I usually spend on skincare but I definitely saw a difference in the firmness and glow of my face. I’d check out this line if you’re a skincare junkie and want to try something new.
L’Oreal Magic BB Cream – This is my go-to item when I want a no-makeup, makeup look. It has this amazing technology that matches to your shade when you rub it in. I’ll use it in lieu of foundation when I want a no-fuss routine but I also use it as a primer/base when I’m doing a full face. I definitely recommend having this product in your collection.
L’Oreal Brow Definer – I never used to care about my brows until I discovered this product. It is a GAME CHANGER. It’s a great dupe for the Brow Wiz and definitely delivers. Even on days when I don’t put on any makeup at all, I’ll still fill in my brows with this. It changes your entire face with just a few strokes!
Crest 3D White – This is our absolute favorite toothpaste. Seems silly to share, but I’ve tried a ton of different kinds because I struggle with yellowing. I love the flavor of this and it truly does help whiten.
Fresh Sugar Roll-On Deodorant – I LOVE this deoderant. It smells absolutely amazing and actually does work at keeping you dry. It is pricey but to me it’s worth it. Some drugstore brands can irritate my underarms but this one is amazing. The smell alone is worth the price tag.
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