Beauty Empties – Samples Edition [First Impressions]

It’s been a while since the last time I did this [see my latest empties here + here]. I love sharing products that I use up and what I really think of them. This go is actually a little different because I’m only going to reviewing samples that I received and my first impressions of them. I have placed a lot of beauty orders lately, which is a tad unusual for me, and with those orders came lots of free samples #notcomplaining. I try to pick things that I actually have intentions of purchasing the full size if I like it. I usually always get at least one fragrance sample, but I love to give skincare and cosmetics priority. So below is what I was given complimentary with purchase lately and what my initial thoughts are and if I have plans of making a purchase. I hope you like this! Have you tried any of these products?! Let me know in the comments!
Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint [Cuba] – Funny story on this product. I went IN with it because I was so excited to use it! Well, that was before I realized they had picked the shade Cuba for me. Well, Cuba was more like Africa and let’s just say I did NOT look good! It was so dark/warm on me and I couldn’t stop laughing. I am so sad the shade was wrong because I actually loved the consistency of this product. I would’ve absolutely used this as a foundation. I think it’s a tad thick to be deemed a tint but maybe that’s just personal preference. I may actually try to get shade matched on this and see if I can try a sample that actually matches me because I did enjoy the formula. If you don’t love full coverage foundations, I’d give this a go. It has SPF as an added bonus.
Philosophy Microdelivery Peel – I hesitated even including this because I truly think this is a product you need to use more than once to see results. I will say I used this product after getting out of the shower and it picked up some of my makeup that even my scrub cleanser left behind, so that impressed me. It’s supposed to delivery skin-brightening elements, which I’m always looking for. I’m currently using this brightening system so I’m not sure this would’ve provided any incremental glow for me, but if you’re a brightening junkie, I’d try them out.
beautyblender liquid blendercleanser – I was super excited to try this out because I had seen a ton of YouTubers talk about it and I just couldn’t understand the hype. My current brush cleaner does a pretty good job of cleaning my makeup sponges so I didn’t see the need for this extra expense. Boy, was I wrong! This thing totally wringed out by blender! I mean, the water was brown. It was equal parts disgusting and satisfying. I will absolutely be purchasing the full size of this!
Bliss Triple Oxgyen Eye Gel – Since becoming a mom, I am ALL ABOUT finding good eye products that actually deliver results. Because of my skin tone, dark bags under my eyes really show up. I currently use this (and love it), but I am not above trying something new. I actually really liked this product. I will say it is quite thick/goopy, so I limited use to nighttime. I got 3 uses out of this sample and did wake up each of those mornings with (more) refreshed eyes. I think I will purchase this once my depuffer runs out.
Mario Badescu Cucumber Tonic Mask – I am a self-proclaimed mask JUNKIE. I will try any and every mask I can get my hands on. I’m currently using this one the most, but I was really excited to try this. Some of my friends swear by Mario Badescu products but I haven’t really gotten into any yet. Y’all, this mask does NOT mess around. It truly hardened up and you could see my pores from space with this thing on. Once rinsed off, my skin was soft and glowing. I loved the smell it left behind and my moisturizer went on like a dream. Definitely purchasing.
La Mer Creme de la Mer Moisturizer – This was the biggest disappointment of the lot. I have been DYING to try this, especially now that tons of bloggers have been posting about the brand. I was ecstatic to see it was a sample option and couldn’t click “add to cart” fast enough. This….is not good. OK, I take that back. It’s a fine moisturizer and does hydrate my skin. But that’s about it. Also, it smells exactly like this. It took me back to my childhood because that is all my mom used when I was growing up. For the price, I expected more. Much, much more. For a little more than half the price of this, I’d much rather go with my current ride-or-die. Save your money.

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