Custom Fragrances with Scent Trunk

Perfumes are the one beauty item I love to splurge on and the thing that can instantly change my mood. Whether I’m feeling feminine, strong, sexy, or flirty, the right fragrance can convey that. When Scent Trunk reached out to me, I was immediately intrigued by their proposition. Not only is it a subscription service (perfumes delivered to your doorstep? WIN!), but they really tailor to your tastes. This would make an amazing gift for the fragrance lover in your life. How it works is they send you a kit of 6 scents and you mark whether you like, love, or don’t like each one. Once they’ve received your feedback, they create a custom fragrance for you based on your selections. I absolutely loved the custom fragrance that they sent me based on my preferences. It’s the perfect combination of feminine and sexy which is what I go for in perfumes. If I wanted, I could receive a bottle of this monthly (they’re pretty small so you’d need the refill). The other option is resubmitting your preferences each month to get a new, unique scent. So, whether you’re a creature of habit or more adventurous, Scent Trunk can deliver what you want.

As an added bonus, Scent Trunk also donates part of the proceeds to the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation. So, this holiday season, give the gift of scent and also give back. What could be better?! Get started here.

Thanks to Scent Trunk for providing me with a custom fragrance experience!

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