December Empties

Happy New Years Eve Eve! I truly cannot believe I’m writing this post. I feel like ever since June, this year has just FLOWN by. While the world still feels so heavy, I am hopeful that 2022 will bring some happiness and adventure back to our lives. Hope you’re all staying safe and healthy during this holidays. And, don’t forget to get your vaccines and boosters 🙂 But for now, let’s get into what products I used up lately.

Dr Zenovia Clear Complexion Cleanser c/o – I recieved this in PR and I really enjoyed it! My skin has been really good lately, which could be a combination of things, but I definitely feel like this helped. It is a nice consistency and really works at getting makeup and grime off.

Derma-e Sun Defense Mineral Sunscreen c/o – Wow. You guys know I love Derma E and sing their praises often. However, this was NOT it. This might be the worst sunscreen I’ve ever used. When I say that it turned my body WHITE, I am truly not lying. I have never seen white cast like this product. No matter how hard I tried, it would not blend in. I don’t know what they were thinking releasing this product, but definitely check out my other recommendations from this brand because this was just awful.

R+ Co Trophy Spray – My hairstylist gave this to me and I loved it! It is more of a hairspray than anything, but I did find it added shine and some texture without building up too much. It smells good, too! If you like these kind of sprays, check it out.

Morning Goggle Eye Mask – This was in my Christmas gift from a girlfriend and I really enjoyed it! There was a ton of essence on the mask and it had these fun stars. I felt like my skin was bright and bouncy after using it.

Kids Crest Cavity Protection – This is the toothpaste we’re currently using for Dillon, At his next dentist appointment I’m going to ask for a new recommendation now that he’s 5, but for now, this works and he loves the taste.

LOreal Lash Paradise Primer – I’ve raved about the mascara before, but the primer is just as good! I used to splurge on the Givenchy one, but honestly this one is pretty similar for a fraction of the price. Lash Paradise is definitely a top 3 mascara of all-time for me, and the primer delivers, too.

Athletic Greens – I got suckered into an IG ad for these and honestly I’m glad. I am loving taking these. I’ve already ordered my next month’s shipment. This product has 75 vitamins, minerals, and supplement that you can take all at once. I really do feel like it helps my energy levels and another added bonus is that when I take these, I find myself making better choices throughout the day! It is a pricey product, so knowing I’m spending money here makes me work harder to eat better and get my workouts in so it’s not all in vain. I definitely recommend looking into this, especially if you [like me] had been taking 8-10 different pills a day. This will eliminate a lot of that.

Algenist Genius Lip Treatment – This is another product that is pricey but I feel like it’s worth it. First of all, this tube has lasted me FOREVER. And I really like to think of this as skincare for your lips. I think it helps with fine lines and it makes my lipstick apply more smoothly over time.

Bliss Pure Retinol Deep Hydration Moisturizer c/o – Retinol is an ingredient that I’ve been curious about now that I’m edging towards my mid-30s. However, it can be overwhelming to look into all the products that include it and it can be really pricey. When I got this in PR I was super excited to try it. It is so good!! It’s a very rich hydrator, and I pile on some facial oil with it. I also make sure I am wearing SPF when using it, but so far, so good. This is truly a great product for entry level retinol users at a super approachable price point.

Repeat Empties: Dr Teals Foaming Bath // Derma E Vitamin C Cleansing Paste c/o // Stila Huge Mascara // Johnsons Creamy Oil Lotion // Bliss Clear Genius Serum + Toner c/o // Elderberry Gummies

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