December Empties

Hello and happy new year! In case you missed it [I have a highlight on Instagram called Xmas Disaster], our winter break plans were foiled so that definitely changed up what I used up last month. But, I have some good things to discuss, so let’s dive in:

CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser – I love CeraVe cleansers for an affordable and clean alternative. This one was great at getting makeup off and really getting your skin clean. While I will say this wasn’t anything life-changing, it was a good cleanser at a good price. The 2K+ 5 star reviews agree.

Diptyque Do Son Shower Oil – This was a gift from last Christmas from my MIL and wow, this is luxury! I made it last a whole year which justified the price tag by just adding a drop or two to my regular body wash. It smells AMAZING, made my perfume last longer, and was super hydrating, too. If you’re looking for a lovely gift for someone [or yourself!], look no further.

L’Oreal Paris Bambi Eyes Mascara – L’Oreal mascaras are some of my all-time favorites and this one was no exception. The volume on this was crazy. It didn’t do a lot for me lengthening-wise, but I just layered it with Unlimited for an amazing volume + length combo. I highly recommend this one.

Diptyque Do Son Perfume – It’s just good timing that I finished this with the body oil in this scent because layered together, they are AMAZING. This would, again, make a great gift. This scent is sexy and special.

Diptyque L’ombre Perfume – This was another good one. This scent is a bit more feminine than the Do Son, so I’d choose based on my mood. I highly recommend these mini sizes to try the scents out for yourself.

JR Watkins Amour Shower Tabs – These were a gift from a girlfriend, and again, what a treat! This turns your shower into a little spa. I’d even give Dillon one to put in the bath as a “bath bomb”. The smell was incredible.

Nylea Facial Razor – This one sucked. I should’ve known better than to stray from my beloved Tinkle. The razor itself was so small and there was so much plastic around it that I couldn’t get close to my face at all. Back to Tinkle I go!

Repeat empties: Smarty Pants Gummies + Kids Elderberry

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