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Facial Friday @ Mitchell’s Salon + Day Spa

I’ve posted about my experience at Mitchell’s before [spoiler: it was awesome] so when they invited me back for a facial, I immediately texted Katie and said “when are we going!?”. Upon entering, we were ushered into their gorgeous relaxation room that is fully equipped with lemon water and all sorts of teas. Once we were about to begin, our esthetician came to receive us and take us to our rooms. Macy was doing my facial and she was AMAZING. Being it was my first facial, she asked me a bunch of questions about my skincare routine at home and if I had any concerns. From there, we started the facial. And let me tell you, it was MONEY. She first cleansed my skin with a Vitamin C cleanser. It smelled so yummy and got a clear base for the rest of the procedure. From there, she washed the cleanser off and then she used a large magnifying glass on my clear skin to study my skin and see if and any concern areas needed to be addressed. After she did her assessment, she went into putting on an anti-aging mask. She spread that all over my skin and spent some time rubbing it into the area around my nose to help minimize my pores, which is one of my biggest skincare concerns. I had told her that the size of my pores and my freckles/sun spots were really my biggest concerns with my skin so she wanted to make sure she used products to address those. While the mask was settling into my skin, she did an INSANE massage on both my hands and legs. She rubbed this yummy oil into my arms and legs and also used hot stones across my chest/neck area. You guys, it was heaven! I even think I might have dozed off during it. All the while, my hands were soaking in collagen gloves to improve the look of the skin on my hands. Once the massage had [sadly] concluded, she removed the mask from my face and then started applying the cocktail of products she had hand-picked for my skin type. A serum, oil, and moisturizer all melted in my skin to finish the procedure. From start to finish, this was bliss. I walked out absolutely glowing and even Katie was like “wow, you really look amazing”. All weekend long my skin has looked bouncy and radiant and I definitely will be working facials into my routine. If you’re curious about the process, I cannot recommend Mitchell’s enough for this. The lighting is pretty moody to set the ambiance so the photos are a bit dark but I also wanted to give you a peek into the oasis at Mitchell’s.



Thank you to Mitchell’s for treating us to this exquisite experience! All thoughts and opinions, as always, are my own.


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