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Father’s Day Gift Guide

I know, you're probably wondering why there's no outfit post today. Well, I blame all the gloomy/rainy/yucky weather we've been having. But, it works out, because Father's Day is fast-approaching! I can't believe it's June already so I figured I'd round up some picks for the guys in your life. My dad is really hard to shop for, because he could care less about clothes, has enough cologne to last the rest of his life, doesn't camp/hike/hunt/fish, and really only cares about the stock market and movies (which he has every one ever made, literally). So, I usually have to get a bit more creative. If the dads in your life are a little more traditional, you can hopefully find something you love below and get it in the mail before it's June 19th and you're still left with your shopping to do!

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