February Empties

Wow, I don’t know about you, but February was a doozy. Between being busy at work topped with random snow days, it felt like we could barely come up for air. But, March in Cincinnati usually means temps warm up and we can say goodbye to winter, so I’m MORE than ready for that! The theme of this month was soaps and supplements, so lets dive in:

Old Whaling Co Bath Bomb: A girlfriend gave me this for Christmas and I really enjoyed it! It smelled amazing and definitely filled the tub. The oatmeal was super soothing on the skin. This would make a great little gift or treat for yourself.

Crystal Freshly Minted Deodorant c/o: I had gotten this as PR and I was excited to try another natural deodorant. While this one definitely helped deodorize and not irritate the pits, I will say it was not an anti-perspirant. I definitely would still sweat [though I’m not a HUGE sweater unless I’m doing intense cardio], but this did keep me smelling fresh.

Superfood Tabs: A girlfriend recommended these as a way to get in some nutrients and reduce bloat. Some of the claims said this helped people lose a ton of weight, as well. I will say, I already eat a pretty balanced diet and drink a TON of water as is, so I’m not sure I was the ideal candidate for these. They’re pricey, as well, but I could see how if you’re new to fitness/wellness or don’t drink enough water, these could definitely help. I just don’t think I *need* them so I won’t be repurchasing.

One/Size Secure The Blur Eye Mask c/o: I got this in PR and I was SO excited to try this brand out! I love Patrick Starr and the packaging on these was so cute. I actually LOVED these eye masks. They are huge and have a ton of essence on them which helped them stay in place. I really did feel like my undereye lines were blurred! I highly recommend checking this line out.

hims&hers Sleep Gummies: I included these in my supplements post and I stand by what I said there. These definitely helped me sleep better and I noticed a difference on nights I didn’t take them. I will say the one weird “side effect” is that I have SUPER vivid dreams when I take these. It’s worth it for a good nights sleep!

Tula So Poreless Blackhead Scrub: Ah Tula, a brand I was DEFINITELY *influenced* to try. Sad to say, I’m underwhelmed. For the price, I’m not sure this did anything major. It did smell good and was a fine exfoliator, but I would not repurchase this.

&Sundries Raspberry Merlot Hand Soap: This was another holiday gift and it smells DIVINE. This is a local company and all their products look amazing. Lord knows we all need soaps right now, so check this brand out!

Repeat Empties: Tinkle Razor // Woolzies Essential Oils [This scent smells JUST like the diptyque patchouli candle for a fraction of the price!] // Lil Critters Organic Vitamins // Smarty Pants Kids Probiotic // Solimo Baby Hair & Body Wash

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