February Empties

February was an absolutely crazy month, which included me starting a new job! In addition to that, we had a bunch of social plans, family visiting, and Dillon started basketball. I used up a ton of new [to me] products, so let’s dive in.

Vital Proteins Cholate Protein Powder: I have sung Vital Proteins‘ praises for years now, and this was no exception. This flavor was DELICIOUS! Dillon loved it, too. I’d add it to coffee, pancake mix, yogurt, whatever! It is so good. I’m not sure if the holiday edition was different than the regular, but it had this amazing hot cocoa flavor and it mixed in beautifully.

Neutrogena Skin Balancing Cleanser: I bought this on a whim and really liked it! It’s a true gel cleanser and did a good job of letting all the gunk slide right off my face. If you’re looking for an affordable cleanser, I highly recommend this.

Flamingo Razor: I had ditched my Billie after I found it wasn’t as sharp as it once was, so I opted to try this. This is a great razor! No razorburn, close shave, and I like the cap on the razor. I will stick with this for now.

Merit Great Skin Serum: This is INCREDIBLE! I have not gotten such a nice glow from a serum before. I feel like it totally brightened my tone and made my skin soft and supple. I have a few other serums on hand I want to use up, but I will definitely repurchase this in the future.

Elta MD UV Glow Sunscreen: This is another must-have for me now. I will say, the UV Glow color is DARK. Right now I even have to mix some other tinted sunscreens to tone down the color. So, if you’re fair, I would advise against this. But I have been using this basically in place of foundation since I’ve gotten it and it gives enough coverage to feel confident to go out in just this.

Flower Petal Pout Lip Mask: I got this as a freebie and ended up really loving it! The color was perfectly nude for me but provided a slight gloss without being sticky or drying. I haven’t tried much from Flower but this was a winner and very affordable.

L’Oréal Voluminous Noir Balm Mascara: Oof, this was not good. L’Oréal rarely lets me down on mascaras, but this formula was too runny for the brush. I feel like nothing actually made it to my lashes. I did like the brush itself for length, but it was kind of useless with such a thin formula. I am still loving Lash Paradise, Bambi Eyes, and Unlimited.

Versed Press Restart Lotion c/o: I LOVED this lotion. I have KP on my arms and I really feel like this did a great job of eliminating that. It’s never too early to start retinol and I love having it as an active ingredient for my body. My code  PREETICHAULK10 will get you 10% off their site. So far, I love everything I’ve tried from Versed!

Purple Tree Hangover Pills: I did not love these as much as the CHEERS pills, but I think they’re fine. I’m coming to terms with the fact that I don’t think these are a miracle cure, but I definitely feel like they can’t hurt. These are cheaper than Cheers, so give it a go if you’re in the market.

Repeat Empties: L’Oréal Collagen Moisturizer // Oxy Powder // Kids Elderberry // Tinkle Razor // Woolzies Oil

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