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Florida Outfit Diary

Last week I spent Mon-Thurs in Fort Lauderdale for work. We stayed at the W and spent a lot of time in conference rooms in meetings, but we did venture out for some sunshine here and there so I wanted to share my outfits since it’s a good mix of business [super] casual and fun, sunny outfits.

Obligatory in-air photo.

This was the view from my room. Not too shabby!

Before the meetings started on Monday, my girlfriend and I got lunch at the Ritz Carlton [which I raved about in this post] and I just wore my plane outfit for this.

For Tuesday’s meetings, I wore this pretty top with white jeans to keep it easy.

On Wednesday, I wore this gorgeous leopard top that I am so obsessed with. It’s under $30 and I sized down to a S.

Wednesday afternoon we had a chance to chill by the pool so I broke out my favorite palm print jumpsuit. We then had dinner at El Camino, which was SO GOOD.

I re-wore my white jeans on Thursday with this breezy top. I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to snap a pic in FL, but luckily I had taken this while I was packing. Pro tip- try on your outfits while packing and take pictures so you know exactly how it will look when you arrive! That saves so much time getting ready because you know you like the outfit. Plus, you own’t over-pack this way.

Another outfit I didn’t snap in the moment was my plane ride home outfit. A comfy graphic tee for the win after a long week.

So, there you have it. I packed in a carry-on and was able to get a ton of outfits through re-wearing bulkier pieces like denim and my jean jacket. Thanks for stopping by!

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