Friday Finds

Friday Finds

Happy Friday! This week was a busy one but we were in our normal routine of work, gym, and dinners at home, and it felt so good after a crazy week last week. Today is actually Mike and I’s 5 year wedding anniversary and we’re going out to celebrate tonight and I’m so excited [see photos from our wedding here]. Without further adieu, here’s what I loved online this week.


I love my turquoise ring and these are some affordable options.

Big congrats to Rachel on her collection at Nordstrom! Everything is so beautiful but this is probably my favorite piece. #addtocart

I’ve recently given this a go and I totally get the hype. It’s my new holy-grail!


Bookmarking this page of pack-able lunches that’ll fill you up!

This video had me absolutely ROLLING. I love them so much.


Giving the Levi’s Wedgie Jeans a whirl

Save up to 25% off tons of my closet staples

My favorite recent Shein finds

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