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How I Score Designer Bags at a Discount

I shared last week that my favorite Celine bag was on sale and the response I got was one of the more overwhelming ones I’ve received. While I definitely think there’s something special about going in store to buy a designer handbag [I’ll never forget buying my first Prada at the Galleria in Dallas!], I also know that sometimes you want to save some coin or don’t have the luxury of going in store [cough COVID cough]. There’s a few sites I love and trust for scouring designer goods at a discount, so I wanted to share them with you all in case you’re in the market to treat yourself but approach it reasonably and safely.

The Real Real – This is where I scored my Chanel bag and I had such an incredible experience. Their consignment model is legit [also good to keep in mind in case you ever want to sell something] and their customer service is top notch. For the best designer brands, like Chanel, going with a retailer like this that is reputable and keeps your safety in mind is important. You can read about their authentication process here. I like The Real Real too because they have a lot more than just bags. If it’s shoes or jewelry you’re more into, you’ll definitely find a good bit here.

Groupon – I know, I know. WHAT?! I got my Celine belt bag from Groupon and it was one of the best scores of my life! I will say that I rarely see designer deals on Groupon, but when you do, JUMP! I got a huge discount on this bag that was still readily available at that time. They also have a great return/safety system in place.

Fashionphile – This is a site that I personally have bought from but would definitely in the future. I am always scouring the site to see what has dropped is still available. They arguably have the best sales on their site so you can get an amazing deal there.

Poshmark – Y’all know I am a Poshmark die-hard, and their luxury market is no joke. They even have parties centered solely around Designer goods, so you’re sure to find what you want. Their search function is amazing and the fact that you can make an offer sets this site apart. You’re more likely to pay what you want/are able and that in itself is a huge win.

While there are a ton of ways to shop at a discount [many cities have great in-person consignment stores], right now online feels the safest so there’s a lot to consider. Making sure the site you choose has a legit authentication process as well as a good return policy are key. Sites like Fashionphile and Real Real that have sales on top of their prices are a great option. Poshmark giving you the ability to bid/offer is another great feature. I hope this was helpful!

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