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How To Stay on Track with Fitness Goals while Traveling

I recently had a reader request on how to stay on top of macros and workouts while traveling. I travel for work about 10-15% of the year and it’s important to me to at least *try* to prioritize my health while away from home. From the principals I learned in the FWTFL, I’ve found a few things that have helped me to stay on track.


Let’s start with tracking/maintaining macros while traveling. This is arguably the harder part in my opinion. Especially for me, when I’m travling, I often don’t know what or where we’ll be eating until the meal is actually upon us. I have 3 tips/tricks for this:

CARB CYCLING: What I do try to do is make sure I stay on my carb cycle days [so if it’s Monday making sure I select low-carb options]. Choosing healthy fats on those days helps me stay in line. If it’s a full macro day, I can be a bit more lenient in my choices, which is easier.

MY FITNESS PAL: While I’m travling I still do the best I can to input my macros into MFP. If the food/meal/restaurant isn’t pre-logged or available to choose, I find the next closest thing. That way, even if it’s not perfect, I’m at least still in the ballpark on my macros.

PLAN AHEAD: I always pack snacks while I’m traveling. I make sure to have both low carb and full macro options on hand. That way, if at the end of the day I am low on a certain macro, I can grab that snack to close the loop. Larabars or Clif nut butter bars are great high-carb options, and Whisps or beef jerky are great low-carb options. Another great option is to utilize hotel breakfasts if that’s an option. Fruit, oatmeal, and cereal are great healthy options to grab and go, especially on full macro days. Opt for eggs and bacon on a low-carb day.


Planning workouts while traveling isn’t that difficult, but definitely takes some discipline in priotirizing. I’m admittedly not perfect this. My work travel is often exhausting, and sometimes the last thing I want to do is wake up early after a late night and work out before I know I have a long day of meetings ahead. However, I ALWAYS feel better when I do, so I definitely try to get a workout or two in while traveling.

UTILIZE YOUR LOCATION: If I’m in a hotel, I always scope out their gym. That’s an easy/obvious solution. If there isn’t a gym where you’re staying, check out the outside terrain if it’s safe/good for a run/walk. In San Diego, I was on the beach so could use that for a stroll. It helps to get creative/be flexible in going outside your comfort zone to stay active during trips.

GET CREATIVE: If you can’t/don’t want to go utilize a public fitness space while traveling, there are a ton of great workouts on pinterest/youtube that you can do in the privacy of your room. You can follow my board here to see what workouts I’ve saved. This and this are great options that can be done from anywhere with little to no equipment. Even if it’s only 20 minutes, you’ll feel super accomplished.

PACK APPROPRIATELY: I always make sure I have a pair of gym shoes and at least 2 workout outfits when I travel. That way, I’m prepared and have no excuses not to be active. I also always pack my fitness bands so, that way, if I need to do an in-room workout, I can still get a good sweat on.

So, there you have it. Some things that I implement to help me stay on track with health and fitness while traveling. What do you find helps you remain active and well while traveling? Let me know in the comments if I’m missing a game-changer!

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