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Since I’m confined to my hospital bed with no hopes of any new outfit posts for the foreseeable future, I didn’t want to totally neglect the fashion side of this blog. I mentioned in Monday’s post that I’m going to try to get creative with some posts for while I’m here on bed rest. An easy solution to that is sharing a roundup of the looks I had previously shot and have been sharing over on my instagram [where you can also find more consistent updates on my time on bed rest/baby Chaulk]. You know how these posts work so let me know if you have any questions!

This tee is so soft and perfect for so many looks! Size down.

This sweater is so cozy and comes in 4 colors. Order 1 size down!
top is old but im linking 2 similar styles plus these under $30 bag and shoes
Jacket, shirt, and shoes are all under $100 faves from the #nsale

this sweater is so cozy and shorts are under $25

blazer is still available and i’m linking great dupes for necklace + shoes

utility vest and maternity jeans are under $40

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