January Empties

Even though January felt like a million years long, I am glad to have it behind us! It’s been a good start to the year so far and I hope that energy carries into the following months. Let’s dive in to what I finished up this month, as there’s a lot of new faces.

Twice Toothpaste – I found this on a random target trip and we really like it. I’m trying to make some cleaner swaps here and there and this one is free of all the things [parabens, gluten, aluminum, sulfate, cruelty, etc] so I feel good using it and I do think it helps with whitening.

Tom’s Kids Toothpaste – This was another cleanish swap for Dillon that I felt good about. He loved the strawberry flavor.

Girgio Armani Si Perfume – This was included in my favorite perfumes post and I stand by that. This is one of my go-tos for date night or when I want a sultry, nighttime scent. I really love this.

Dove 0% Aluminum Deodorant – Speaking of clean swaps, this was another arena I thought I could make some improvements on. I can’t quite make the switch to totally natural deodorants, but if I can eliminate the aluminum, I feel good about that. This one smells amazing and glides on clear.

Life in Lilac Take me Away Diffuser – I place a LiL order in the fall for some gifts but kept this one for myself. I swapped the reeds a couple times a week and I do really think this throws a strong scent. The packaging is beautiful, too!

Wet n Wild Brow Pencil – I grabbed this on a whim when I realized my previous pencil had emptied, and I did enjoy this! It’s obviously super affordable and gets the job done, but I’ll go back to my old faithful.

L’Oreal Micro Ink Brow Pen – This was a giant mess for me. The tip was too thick to make the strokes I like and the ink formula made my brows look really intense, which is not the look I go for. This may work for someone who needs a thicker, more defined look, but, again, I’ll go back to my usual.

Strivectin Advanced Retinol Night Moisturizer – I have raved about Strivectin before and this product was no exception. I really feel like retinol is something I can see an almost immediate difference from, and I loved slathering this on before bed.

Repeat Empties: L’Oreal Collagen Moistruizer

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