June Empties

Good morning, guys! I can’t believe summer is in full-swing and another month has come and gone. There were a TON of new products I worked through lately, so let’s get into the good, bad, and ugly!

Vaseline Cocoa Radiant Lotion – This lotion is a fantastic, affordable option if you’re craving some serious hydration for your body. Especially for WOC, I love this product as it gets deep into the skin and is great on our trouble spots that can get ashy, like knees and elbows. Highly recommend!

Vital Proteins Strawberry Lemon Beauty Collagen – Oh boy, I despise this product. I ranted about it on my Instastories, but it is just super chunky and chalky. I really love the regular VP Collagen, so thought this would be a fun alternative that I could put in water for a strawberry lemonade type deal. WRONG. Do not buy this product. The only way I got through finishing it is by letting it dissolve into flavored green teas. Even then, it wasn’t great, but at least I was able to use it up. Steer clear, kids.

Matrix Play Back Dry Shampoo – I really liked this dry shampoo! It’s definitely a bit on the pricier side, but it left minimal white cast and left a little grit so my style hung on well. The smell is amazing, too! If you’re looking to switch up your dry shampoo game, I’d recommend giving this a go.

Urban Decay Rebound Spray – I love, love, LOVE this spray! While I wouldn’t use this to set my makeup, I did always give my skin a spritz of this in the morning. Whether I was just waking up or heading out the door to the gym, my skin drank this stuff up and totally made a difference I think. I even included it in my skincare routine! Good stuff.

Vichy Deodorant – I wanted to slowly make the transition to aluminum-free deodorants so I gave this one a go because I typically love Vichy products. So, I like it. But it definitely doesn’t help with the odor aspect, which I think all AF products have a hard time doing. It did keep me dry, though! I think I just need to do some more research on this. Do you guys have any AF deodorants you like?! Leave a comment!

Derma-E Face Oil c/o – I got this in a PR package and I was truly shocked at how much I loved it! First, it’s insanely affordable! Also, it’s clean. WHAT! And it totally does the job. It smells amazing! I would literally douse my skin in this before bed and would wake up with plump and glowing skin. I’m currently working through another serum I’ve opened since I finished this, but I for SURE will purchase this in the future. If you’re looking for a new facial oil, I definitely recommend this one. After applying, I would use my jade roller over it and that was amazing, too. This really looks and feels similar to the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Serum. While this is a true oil and that is a serum [meaning this will focus on hydration while the Kiehl’s has actual skincare benefits], it really does feel similar! So, if you been wanting to pull the trigger on that but can’t stomach the price tag, try this first.

Nars Orgasm Lip Balm – I am not shy about admitting my love for bougie lip balms. My favorite one is probably the one I shared in this post but I wanted to branch out and try something new. I really liked this one and thought it gave a “your lips but better” look, but I didn’t LOVE it. I’m not sure I’d purchase it again for the price tag. I actually think this would look better on someone with fairer skin, so if you’re on the pale side, this may look really pretty on you! It just didn’t do *enough* for me to justify the price.

Origins Original Skin Resurfacing Mask – I got this in my Sephora playbox a while back and I absolutely adored this mask. It has a bit of grit to it that does a great job exfoliating without drying your skin out. It smells amazing and applies and dries like a dream. This is another clean beauty item that I unexpectedly fell in love with! Once I work through the other few masks I have open I definitely will repurchase this.

Dionis Goats Milk Hand Cream – A girlfriend had put this in my Christmas present and I absolutely loved it! It is SUPER thick and hydrating and you guys know I love me some lavender scent. Because of how thick it is, I would actually also apply this to my feet and put socks on before bed and it was amazing! I definitely recommend checking this brand out if you’re looking for an intense hand/foot cream.

Repeat Empties: Carols Daughter Almond Cookie Hand Lotion // Garnier Micellar Towelettes

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